Everhour 2 - case study dgoc v2

Case Study: De Groot Online Consultancy

Everhour is a very popular time tracking tool among digital marketing agencies. They value it for the ability to provide clients a detailed report of each minute they spend on a project.

Today we post a conversation with Marc de Groot, the founder of De Groot Online Consultancy, that provides a wide range of marketing services to businesses who seek to improve their digital presence.


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Everhour 2 - case study #1

Case Study: Velocity Automotive

We are launching a series of short interviews with our great customers, who can’t imagine their daily work without Everhour, that empowers their favorite project management tool and makes them much more productive and organized.

We believe it would be a great idea to reveal our community how different teams organize their workflow and what role Everhour plays in it. This series might help you to improve process inside of your company and adopt others’ experience to your advantage.


Today we are happy to chat with Johannes Crepon, CEO at Velocity.


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