Time tracking in JIRA

Everhour perfectly complements your software development process in JIRA by comprehensive time tracking functionality, which integrates natively into your existing issues

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  • With Everhour, you can track time and set up estimates for yourself and your colleagues right inside of each task in JIRA.
Time tracking and estimates inside JIRA
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Marc de Groot

Founder of De Groot Online Consultancy

We are all about transparency

We provide hour-to-hour services, and our customers deserve a full disclosure on time we spend working on them.

Secondary it is an excellent way to monitor the amount and understand exactly the real time we need for any job done. That helps us make realistic estimates on future jobs.

We do not use any other time tracking tool, Everhour does the job.

  • Control your team performance at a glance on all your boards. You will see the estimated and reported time just next to issue titles.
Time Tracking in Jira

Excellent reporting

Everhour website allows receiving a comprehensive report of your team’s activity.

Here just a few samples. More in our Reports Gallery.

Monthly timesheet report - Everhour

Monthly timesheet

See time spent by your team for a certain period

Tasks by member report - Everhour

Tasks by member

Run a report with track history of each member

Remaining time by project / iteration - Everhour

Time in milestone

Analyze your work by two criteria at once


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