Time tracking in Jira

Here at Everhour, our development team are busy working on the seamless integration with Jira

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  • Control your team performance at a glance on all your boards. You will see the estimated and reported time just next to issue titles.
Time Tracking in Jira
  • Set up estimates for yourself or your teammates and track their performance right inside of each Jira issue.
Team Performance in Jira
  • Watch in real time, who is working at this moment and on what, their past activities for today and identify those who didn’t report a minute today at all, ensuring everyone is on track and speed up those who are behind.
Realtime dashboard in Everhour
  • Everhour website allows to receive a comprehensive report of your team’s activity. You are absolutely free to build the layout of your reports and add as many data columns as you need.
Detailed Reporting for Jira

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