Jira time tracking integration

Time tracking in Jira with Everhour will help you on several levels: from billing to time-off management, as well as everyday real-time time tracking

Time tracking software for Jira
Mark any project as billable. Setup budget. Create a threshold email notification.
See the time and progress of each employee in the task details. Start timer or log manually for any date.
See the reported time and progress next to the task title.

How Everhour for Jira can improve your workflow

  • To start. Create Everhour account and install Jira plugin

    Sign up with Everhour and invite your team. Afterward, install our Jira plugin. The rest of the team simply needs to join and use their Everhour creds inside Jira.

  • Use timer, log hours manually, watch progress… all from the new time tracking panel

    You can start and stop your timer to accurately record activities as you work or log hours manually later. You can also see the reported time by your team members.

    Start timer, add time, watch progress… from time tracking panel

  • Know how you're doing against the budget in real-time

    Choose a billing method for your project: hourly, fixed fee, or non-billable. Set up the budget and the limits. Receive an email alert when you reach a certain threshold.

    Know how you're doing against the budget in real-time

  • Track time via browser extension

    You don't necessarily need to open Jira website. By clicking on the timer icon in the browser toolbar you can quickly start the timer, add time to any task, edit time or estimate, and more.

    Everhour home page

  • Tracking policy, lock editing, reminders

    Admins have a right to lock time editing for regular members after a certain period of time, by approving a timesheet or at certain rules.

    • Don't allow logging time without a task selected 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time manually 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time for future dates 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time into completed tasks 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time into tasks with no estimates 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time into tasks with the estimates reached 🔐
    • Don't allow logging time after {1,2,3,...} days 🤖
    • Automatically stop timers {1,2} hours after the day's end 🤖
    • Automatically stop timers running for {1,2,3,...} hours 🤖

  • Easily make custom reports with Jira data

    There are a number of columns that show specific data coming from Jira. Open a report builder and select any of the columns to display the data in your report.

    everhour jira report builder

Questions? We have answers

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Jira good for time tracking?

Jira’s native time tracker is simple and easy to use. However, it is quite basic and lacks some essential time tracking features. For example, time approval, tracking vacations, and other leave types, project billing and budgeting, invoices based on tracked time and expenses, etc. For the most accurate timesheets and logs, you still need external time tracking software, like Everhour. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Jira time tracking and how it can help your team perform at its best.

How do I track time in Jira?

To track time in Jira, all you need is an Everhour account, and the Jira integration installed. After integration, Everhour embeds controls into the Jira interface and thus extends it with many useful features. You can keep tracking time from Jira, through the Everhour website or browser extension. Read more about time tracking in Jira seamlessly no matter what kind of project you have or the project management framework you use.

Is Everhour easy to connect with Jira?

Yes. Just sign up with Everhour and invite your team. Afterward, install our Jira plugin. The rest of the team simply needs to join and use their Everhour creds inside Jira. Here is how to connect Everhour with Jira Cloud and with Jira Server.

What if not all my Jira users need time tracking?

No problem. Unlike other tools, you can invite and pay only for those Jira users who are going to track time and use Everhour.

How to use Jira?

Jira is an absolute powerhouse project management tool. If you’re new to the club, it can seem daunting. But, don’t be afraid, instead, join us and discover how to use Jira right!

Is Jira good for project management?

Deciding if you should be using Jira for project management? Jira is an incredibly powerful tool. And some of its strengths lie in its ability to adapt to any team's unique way of working. But there’s also a bit of a downside due to that flexibility. It’s easy to get lost in all the features Jira has to offer. In this article, we’ve gathered together our experience and compiled it into what you need to know when choosing Jira for project management.

What are the best Jira alternatives on the market?

Looking for the best Jira alternatives? Here is the list of 20 free and paid alternatives to Jira that are worth checking.

What our lovely customers
are saying

“I've had a great experience with Everhour so far! The Jira integration is one of the reasons I picked Everhour, and I am impressed by how well it works. For one, it's easy to add a project and manage its budget from Everhour. For another, it's also easy to go into Jira and track time for a task! Honestly, I can't think of anything that I would want changed, it's just terrific. I'm very happy to have found this product.”

— Erik B. (Source:  Jira Marketplace)

"First of all, in my opinion, Everhour is one of the best time tracking/management systems. It's working predictable, looks good, and has a reasonable price model. Our Everhour account connected to Jira and everything working great. If you need to have deal with time tracking, reporting, and something like this, my verdict — absolutely recommend."

— Kirill G. (Source:  Jira Marketplace)

"Time tracking was one of our first considerations when moving to Jira, but all the other offerings gave us cumbersome systems that we did not need. Everhour is great because it allows us to track time through multiple mechanisms, which drops the barriers of entry for developers who often want to report time their own way. Everhour gave us 2-3 ways to track and update time. We love the transactional per user pricing as well."

— Mac W. (Source:  Jira Marketplace)

"Very handy to see the time spent on a ticket within JIRA without having to navigate to another tool, including a breakdown of the time spent by each person. Developers like the convenience of the embedded timer. Everhour is also responsive to questions and support issues."

— Jason B. (Source:  Jira Marketplace)

"Initially while working with Jira we had a need to measure the time of our teams in projects. Our main idea was to improve the way we worked based on actual data. After that, we also realized that we should have a tool that can help us plan and track time. We started with the Tempo planner and timesheets. After several updates from those two tools, we decided that we were no longer a fit and that we needed a real solution to our issues that was bug-free and that could actually help us invoice our customers too. Everhour is transparent, clear, and very easy to use. We now track our time, plan out team time in projects and also we invoice our customers in an easy and simple way. Things could not get better!"

— Joaquin G. (Source:  Jira Marketplace)

“Very friendly tool to track time. With Everhour we can track employees' and contractors' hours by client projects and run reports. Also, Everhour can be synced with our CRM's Asana and ClickUp and the timer is directly there and time can be tracked. Time can be added individually or in batches per week. You can also track time off and select if those are holidays, sick leave, paid or unpaid time."

— Claudia P. (Source:  G2.com)

“As a remote-based company, we highly rely on task management tools such as Jira and Asana, and it's critical to control and gain knowledge on how we spend our time, and that's what is Everhour used for. Since we use two different tools, Jira for the tech team and Asana for the management team, we found in Everhour a very practical way to concentrate reporting regardless of the task management tools every member of the team uses."

— Eduardo W. (Source:  TrustRadius)

“Really easy-to-use cost and time calculations for my team. Everhour works great with JIRA by allowing us to pull in JIRA's custom fields and link back to the cards within JIRA. I also like the custom reporting feature. These two features made us choose Everhour over all the other software we reviewed (from free to enterprise/quite pricey tools). The browser add-on is also helpful!"

— Morgan M. (Source:  G2.com)

Everhour is responsive and provides the right level of functionality for small dev shops with billable hours to pass on to clients. The integrations with billing and accounting software reduce admin overhead considerably. The pièce de ré·sis·tance is EverHour's customer service. I desperately needed an improvement in the template engine for invoices. I asked customer support for the enhancement. Support said they would discuss the request with engineering. Engineering accepted the suggestion and added it to their roadmap. About 2 months later, support contacted me to inform me the feature was in production and invited me to try it. The feature worked perfectly. I am a TINY customer and Everhour treated me like their biggest. I feel like my problems are their problems, and no one could ask for more in a vendor."

— Anthony H. (Source:  G2.com)

“Fan from day 1. Everhour is a great tool. We have evaluated Toggl, Everhour, and TimeDoctor. No way back. We really like the Gsuite integration and the integration with Jira. We regularly get compliments from our clients as we send very detailed reports on where company time is spent on."

— Bas V. (Source:  Capterra)