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Everhour empowers ClickUp by accurate time tracking, estimates and budgeting. Sync Everhour with ClickUp for better reporting

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Time tracking and estimates inside ClickUp

Why choose Everhour?

Here's why you should consider integrating ClickUp with Everhour, and what makes us stand out from the crowd

ClickUp vs Everhour with bag
1. Quick setup

When you connect ClickUp with Everhour, we sync all your active projects so that your team can start tracking time right away. No manual project setup required.

2. Less employee teaching

You don’t need to explain to your staff how to use additional software. Time tracking controls will appear right inside their ClickUp interface, making it easy for them to track time.

3. Accuracy

Employees often forget to track time as it's not convenient for them to switch between apps. Everhour eliminates these steps and improves time tracking accuracy.

4. Estimates always in front of you

Everhour shows time vs. estimate beside task titles. When the entire team sees progress on tasks, they will hold you accountable to ensuring work is done.

5. Automatic updates

When you add a new project or change the name of the existing task in ClickUp, we will sync this change automatically in Everhour. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

6. Detailed reports

Our reports let you organize reported time using various information from your ClickUp tasks such as tags, sections or custom fields. So you can dive deeper into analysis to get more accurate results.

ClickUp offers time tracking, but

Native time tracking is simple and easy to use. But some businesses have
complicated time tracking needs

Everhour ClickUp

Log time on someone's behalf

As a manager, sometimes you may need to add or edit time on behalf of your team members

Time approval

Timesheet approval is useful if you need tighter control over the edits made to time entries

Individual time estimates

If several people are working on the same task, you can track their progress individually

Project budgeting

With the help of Everhour, any project in ClickUp can have a budget, ensuring you’re never caught out by surprise

Customizable time reports

You can create any report you need: add or delete columns, change orders, apply a filter or conditional formatting


Pull the billable time and expenses you’ve tracked into invoices easily

What exactly does integration give me?

Let us tell you more about the details (with screenshots) about how
we integrate with and improve ClickUp

Time and estimate along tasks

After integration, you can easily track time, see the amount already spent and progress towards the original estimate — all that and more without ever leaving ClickUp.

Time and estimates along task title
Works with subtasks

Dive into more details

In the task details, you can see the reported time by each employee and its progress towards the original estimate, as well as the time by main task and each subtask.

Overall or individual estimates

Among other things, you can track progress by the task as a whole, or even set individual estimates.

Watch budgets
Exclude non-billable time

Watch budgets

With the help of Everhour, any project in ClickUp can have a budget set in hours or money, ensuring you’re never caught out by surprise.