ClickUp time tracking integration

Time tracking in ClickUp with timesheets, budgeting, client reporting, and payroll.
Works inside ClickUp. No more tab switching!

Time tracking and estimates inside ClickUp
See total time and total estimate by each column.
Mark any project as billable. Setup budget. Receive timely notifications.
See the time and progress of each employee.
The timer and reported time are next to each subtask.
See all your time for a Day or Week. Start the timer or add time and comments for the tasks you have been working on

How does Everhour integrate with ClickUp?

After you connect Everhour and ClickUp, there are multiple
useful features you can start using directly in your ClickUp interface

Timer next to your tasks

You'll see a timer, estimate, and reported time next to the task title, as well as total time, displayed by section or for the entire project.

Time and estimates along task title
Works with subtasks

Time in task details

In the task details, you’ll see the time reported by each employee and its progress, plus time on parent and subtasks. You can track time using the timer or log time manually. You can also set individual task estimates.

Project budget

Choose a billing method for your project: hourly, fixed fee, or non-billable. Set up the budget and the limits. Receive an email alert when you reach a certain threshold.

Watch budgets

Timesheet button

Quickly look at all your timekeeping for a Day or Week as well as start the timer or add time and comments for the tasks you have been working on.

Mark any task as non-billable

Everhour lets you mark certain tasks inside the billable project as non-billable and thus exclude these tasks time from the billable amount calculation or set them with a custom rate.

Questions? We have answers

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Everhour easy to connect with ClickUp?

Yes. Just click Try with my ClickUp and connect it with Everhour. The next step would be to install our browser extension. And that's it! Open your ClickUp and start tracking time.

How does Everhour for ClickUp work?

After integration, Everhour embeds controls into the ClickUp interface and thus extends it with many useful features. You can keep tracking time from ClickUp, through the Everhour website or browser extension.

Why choose Everhour for time tracking in ClickUp?

ClickUp’s native time tracker is simple and easy to use. However, it is quite basic and lacks some essential time tracking features. For example, time approval, tracking vacations, and other leave types, project billing and budgeting, invoices based on tracked time and expenses, etc. No time tracker can ever compete with ClickUp in terms of project management. But, at the same time, time tracking always requires in-depth, individual attention. The best apps focus on just one thing and do it really, really well.

What if not all my ClickUp users need time tracking?

No problem. You can invite and pay only for those ClickUp users who are going to track time and use other Everhour features.

Will someone else (like clients) see my time?

Only those people who are a part of your Everhour team and installed our free browser extension can see time-related data in ClickUp.

Does Everhour work on ClickUp native apps?

Unfortunately, it is not possible due to technical reasons. Only folks at ClickUp can decide to integrate with Everhour. Other time trackers can't do this either.

Everhour vs ClickUp time tracking

Why Everhour integration is better than native ClickUp time tracking

Everhour ClickUp

Log time on someone's behalf

As a manager, sometimes you may need to add or edit time on behalf of your team members

Time approval

Timesheet approval is useful if you need tighter control over the edits made to time entries

Individual time estimates

If several people are working on the same task, you can track their progress individually

Project budgeting

With the help of Everhour, any project in ClickUp can have a budget, ensuring you’re never caught by surprise

Customizable time reports

You can create any report you need: add or delete columns, change orders, apply a filter or conditional formatting


Pull the billable time and expenses you’ve tracked into invoices easily

What our lovely customers
are saying

Everhour has a really nifty integration with ClickUp and provides you the information in a single click. The interface is very intuitive and helps us reduce the time needed to report hours of different project tasks. On top of the nice integration, it goes even further and provides a way to get more grip on a project by defining a budget. And when all hours are written, you can customize your reports or use the API to run queries/exports of the data. We used Jira together with Timesheet, the performance withheld us from quickly adding tickets and time. We found ClickUp and together with Everhour we have a better solution which works faster and gives better insights.”

— Paul G. (Source:  Capterra)

"Love Everhour with the ClickUp integration! I love that I can dial down to exactly how much time we spend on each project, client and task. It allows me to create money or time budgets for each client per month, which is how I set it up. We need to keep our staff time to a monthly limit to ensure we're not losing money. I've been able to create time benchmarks using Everhour, which is a beautiful thing."

— David S. (Source:  Capterra)

"Simple, elegant, and powerful. My team uses Everhour for a few reasons: (1) It has a simple, intuitive interface; (2) It has a powerful reporting engine that we now use for generating various insights, including employee time analyses and customer invoices; (3) It comes with solid integrations with task management software (we use ClickUp in particular); (4) Per-user costs are low, which is essential for us as we have many part-time employees, some of whom only work a few hours per week."

— Aaron M. (Source:

"Everhour is vital for our business. We love the ease of integration with our existing software (crucially ClickUp). Great UX/UI. Easy to create custom reports and monitor budgets on each project we are working on. Simple to introduce to new team members. Get your whole team to try it for a week, review your reports and see how you can improve. The level of detail is so useful."

— Sarah M. (Source:

"We use Everhour for time recording of onsite activities of our technicians and to record comments and document the projects. The Everhour helps us to convert time into money without utilizing much time. There is a hierarchy in the website if we follow that things will get much easier in Everhour. We create the time records in Everhour and associate them with the projects. The project will generate its stats and will give us an insight into our income and expense. I like Everhour and its connection with different web apps. We have integrated it with Slack and ClickUp. The time records get saved in Everhour, ClickUp uses it as a reference to show it on a task, and a Slack channel notifies its user if there is an action trigger."

— Shehroze M. (Source:  TrustRadius)

“Very friendly tool to track time. With Everhour we can track employees' and contractors' hours by client projects and run reports. Also, Everhour can be synced with our CRM's Asana and ClickUp and the timer is directly there and time can be tracked. Time can be added individually or in batches per week. You can also track time off and select if those are holidays, sick leave, paid or unpaid time."

— Claudia P. (Source: