Time Tracking Software for Small Business: Simplify Time Management

Standalone or integrated into project management software, discover Everhour's time tracking solution

what is Everhour

Time tracking inside your favorite tools and more!

See how Everhour can help you manage your time

Why should I track project time?

Learn some of the best reasons why you need to track your time and how
it can help your business

Better team performance

Collaborate more efficiently and with increased transparency by knowing who is doing what and when. Save time and money on reporting, invoicing and payroll, to optimize your business.

Projects and resources under control

Monitor how much time is spent on your projects to establish profitability and get a clearer picture of the actual time you’re spending on work to operate with more efficient resource management.

Increased accuracy with 3rd part integrations

Save time and avoid unnecessary tab switching by integrating your time tracker into your favorite project management software like Asana, Jira, Trello, Basecamp, ClickUp and many more

Better quotes and estimates

Understand the potential of your staff and resources so that you can provide more effectively priced solutions for your clients to boost peace of mind and satisfaction.

More than just a time tracker

Save yourself the headache and automate your time tracking processes with one
handy piece of kit

Simple time tracking icon

Simple time tracking

Start and stop your timer as you work on projects, or enter your work hours manually.

Integrations icon


Track time right inside Asana, Trello, Basecamp, JIRA and more; less tab switching.

Mobile access icon

Mobile access

Track time from your browser toolbar, within popular project management tools, and on the go.

Time approval icon

Time approval

Allow project managers and administrators to review and approve timesheets for other team members.

Time estimates icon

Time estimates

See the time you spent on the project at any time and understand how much is left. Use data for future better quotes.

Lock time editing icon

Lock time editing

Prevent employees from editing their old time entries or adding new entries to past dates or archived projects.

Reminders icon


Make sure your team doesn’t forget to log their work time with handy reminders to track time.

Auto stop timer icon

Auto stop timer

Set up work hours to stop the timer of all team automatically at the day’s end.