Keep Track of Employee Attendance with Our Time Tracking App

Discover a better way to monitor who’s in the office and who’s out with Everhour’s accurate attendance tracker. This seamless employee attendance tracker tells you who was present, how long they worked, on what, and when so you get the data you need to improve employee productivity and business efficiency.

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What is Everhour?

Everhour is an employee time tracker that helps individuals and businesses make more of their time. With Everhour, you can take advantage of a number of time tracking-related features, including:

  • Integrations with PM tools

    From Jira to Asana, Trello to Basecamp, ClickUp to Slack and even Xero, Everhour’s Project Management software integrations are some of the most intuitive and user-friendly on the market. Our software integrates seamlessly with your tools, so that your employees don’t have to switch between tabs to track when they clocked in and clocked out of the office, or stopped or started working on a particular task.

  • Manual time tracking with no privacy invasion

    Manual time tracking is an efficient and simple way to track working time. This allows you to securely monitor employee working time with no security risks from tab tracking. Manual time entry empowers employees to feel in control of their time while you get the data you need to manage your business efficiently.

  • Project management features

    Get to know who was working on which project and when. With Everhour’s project management features, you can monitor employee time per project and better plan your estimates for the future.

  • Budgeting

    Plan your budget and staffing levels in advance. Record your time-work ratio so you can bill accordingly with Everhour’s time tracking software.

  • Time reports and visualizations

    Everhour’s online attendance tracker lets you take all your time data and build easy-to-read time reports that you can share with management or your team to improve productivity.

How to track employee attendance with Everhour

Getting started with Everhour is easy. Here’s how to start attendance tracking in 5 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Create an account

    Click on this link to sign up or log in if you have one already.

    everhour attendance tracker sign up

  • Step 2: Get your team onboard

    Invite your team to sign up for an account. You can invite as many team members as you need.

    everhour attendance tracker invite members

  • Step 3: Add working hours and days into the timesheet

    Each employee can record their own working hours and log their attendance in a handy digital timesheet.

    everhour attendance tracker time page

  • Step 4: Gather the data on your dashboard

    Using Everhour’s clear dashboard, you’ll be able to instantly see who worked on each project, when, and for how long. Get a visual representation of your employees' working time in real-time.

    everhour attendance tracker team hours summary dashboard

  • Step 5: Use the data to create reports and share

    Armed with the latest attendance tracker data, you can make more informed decisions, add transparency to your working processes, deliver detailed reports to your clients about time spent, and save yourself time and energy by tracking working time as you go. No additional stress or made up data, just simple, efficient time keeping.

    everhour attendance tracker report builder

Not just an online attendance tracker: additional uses of Everhour

Everhour is so much more than an attendance tracker. It’s a comprehensive time management tool that works for businesses of all sizes, from the self-employed individuals to large enterprises. Everhour can also:

  • Track attendance for non-work-related purposes

    Get access to attendance tracking for students, non-profits, church groups, community events, and more.

  • Budget tools

    Everhour’s integrated features let you seamlessly manage the delicate time-money balance with ease.

  • Project management features

    Don’t rely on attendance tracking alone. See who worked on which project or task and how much time they spent.

Attendance tracking features

What makes Everhour one of the best attendance tracking tools out there? Let us tell you.

  • Easy-to-use software

    Everhour is simple to use. Just sign up and get started in 1, 2, 3…

    everhour attendance tracker summary dashboard

  • Add your entire team

    Not just limited to a few select users. You can add your entire team to Everhour

  • Available for web and phone

    Perfect for tracking time no matter which device you are using

  • Editable timekeeping

    Mistakes happen, don’t let them affect your records. Edit your timekeeping when you need to.

  • Paper-free approach

    Forget about storing physical attendance timesheets. Replace them seamlessly with a digital version.

  • Visual dashboards

    See your data in colorful charts that help you to understand the real picture when it comes to your employees' time.

    everhour attendance tracker resource planning