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A small and passionate team. Since 2015 we've been building our time management app that helps small and mid-size companies around the globe to better organize their working hours. Everhour is known for its best-in-class integrations with the most popular project management tools out there.

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Our story

Back in 2010, we started out as a small IT outsourcing company—Weavora. And that’s where the idea of Everhour was born, based on our own time-keeping needs. We provide reports and invoice our clients based on the actual hours we worked. At first, we relied on existing tools but soon realized that none of them really met our needs.

We considered refraining from tracking time altogether, but understood we couldn’t just dream up numbers. We then tried everything from using spreadsheets to testing all of the popular time and project management systems on the market at the time.

Unfortunately, none were good enough for us and loved by our team. Everyone was logging time with great reluctance, and mostly post-factum, making it not as accurate as it should be. Our ideal tool needed to:


Be truly intuitive and even geeky to be loved by developers who aren’t big fans of reporting


Solve the needs of our small team: the less bureaucracy, the better


Have advanced features for quick and easy reporting


Provide the basis for analysis of initial estimates vs actual time spent


Help us provide clients transparent reports on the hours spent and work done

We received our first signup in September 2015. 3 years later and we’ve reached $1M ARR with a small team and no VC money!

Key lessons learned

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Dec 12, 2016 · 8 min read

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Today Everhour is used in over seventy countries

Meet our team

Mike Kulakov
Yury Tolochko
Sergei Staroverov
Waclaw Wolodko
Customer Support
Danila Nagornov
Customer Support
Sergei Dekevich
Frontend Team Lead
Eugene Petrachuk
Product Marketing
Yauhen Rymasheuski
UI/UX Designer
Denis Dymont
Frontend Developer
Ruslan Tukalenko
Frontend Developer
Paul Yakubets
Software Engineer
Ivan Lagunovsky
Software Developer
Ivan Dragun
Backend Developer
Artem Chechoro
QA Team Lead
Julia Pantsialei
QA Automation Engineer
Evgeny Pershukov
QA Automation Engineer
Masha Kharlantseva
Content Manager
Arthur Krivitsky
QA Automation Engineer
Ruslan Tursunov
Frontend Developer
Arthur Krivitsky
QA Automation Engineer

Our future plans

The Everhour team is never done refining the product and is always open to our customers’ feedback and valuable suggestions. It’s vital that we not only promote our vision of a perfect time management app but also do it in line with our users’ needs and expectations.

But that doesn't mean we get to implement all the ideas right away. Keeping the app easy and intuitive is the major principle behind our toolkit and too many features may disrupt that delicate balance.

We plan to further improve the existing integrations, as well as add some new ones to the mix, especially those with no native functionality for time tracking. That's so we can provide the most valuable tool for time-tracking (and more) out there.

We’re an independent profitable company and we’ll be here for our users for the long run.

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