Basecamp time tracking integration

Track time in Basecamp, stay on budget, analyze reports and automate payroll.
Made by Everhour, free time tracking app.

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Time tracking and estimates inside Basecamp
Total time and estimate by the entire project.
Setup the project budget in hours or money, and create a threshold email notification.
See the timer and reported time next to the task title and total for every section.
See the time and progress of each employee.

Why Everhour is the best time tracking integration for Basecamp on the market?

Basecamp vs Everhour with bag
1. Easy setup

When you connect Basecamp with Everhour timesheet app, we automatically sync your projects so that your team can start tracking time right away. No manual project setup required. Free sign up.

2. Quick start

You don’t need to explain to your staff how to use additional employee time tracking software. Time tracking controls will appear right inside the Basecamp interface, making it easy for them to track time.

3. Accurate time tracking

Employees often forget to track time as it's not convenient for them to switch between time clock app and project management app. Everhour eliminates these steps and improves time tracking accuracy.

4. Simple budget management

Apart from time tracking, Everhour enhances Basecamp with project budgeting features. Now, you can estimate billable and non-billable hours for your employees and precisely calculate the time they worked on your projects.

5. Automatic updates

When your employees add a new project or make any changes to the existing tasks, Everhour automatically updates them in the app. This ensures that your reports will have only the freshest data from Basecamp.

6. Clear custom reports

Basecamp time tracking reports let you organize reported time using various information from your Basecamp tasks All you need to do is to choose the data you want to reveal in your reports. This way you can dive deeper into tracked work hours analysis to get more accurate results.

Does Basecamp have time tracking?

Many businesses love Basecamp. It offers a dime a dozen tools for effective project management and works perfectly even for the most complex projects. Yet, there is one simple component missing—a handy Basecamp time tracking feature. Everhour offers a neat solution to this issue—an intuitive and efficient time tracker extension that effortlessly integrates with Basecamp 2 and Basecamp 3.

How to track time in Basecamp with Everhour

A smoothly synced Everhour time tracking app with Basecamp 3 enables your project team with the advanced time tracking functionality close at hand. Here is how it works.

  • Step 1: Create your Everhour account

    Sign up for free and install our browser extension. This is how we embed controls into the Basecamp interface. We support all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

  • Step 2: Connect Everhour and Basecamp

    When you sign up, Everhour will automatically sync tasks from your projects. Sync happens periodically so all new tasks that you create in Basecamp will be visible in Everhour reports. Everhour also updates the names of tasks or projects if they were renamed in Basecamp. This way Everhour reports will always show you the freshest data.

  • Step 3: Invite your team

    You need to invite your team to join Everhour. They will also need to connect their Basecamp accounts and install our browser extension. Only those you invite into Everhour will be able to track time and see time progress (not necessarily all Basecamp users). Your clients will not see anything in Basecamp unless you invite them.

  • Step 4: Use time tracking controls right in Basecamp

    After successful integration, you can track time using the timer or log time manually. You’ll see the time reported by each employee and its progress.

    everhour basecamp controls

  • Step 5: Track time via free browser extension

    You don't necessarily need to open Basecamp or Everhour websites. By clicking on the timer icon in the browser toolbar you can quickly start the timer, add time to any task, edit time or estimate, and more.

    everhour basecamp time tracking extension

  • Step 6: Make custom reports with Basecamp data

    There are a number of columns that show specific data coming from Basecamp. Open a report builder and select any of the columns to display the data in your report. For example, group tasks by project showing members, reported time and original estimates. Or you can build a report with the total involvement of a specific department. Use this data to keep your customer informed and to make sure that your team moves according to your original estimates. By increasing transparency in the development process, you will increase the number of your satisfied customers.

    everhour basecamp report builder

  • Step 7: Find out more...

    Everhour’s time tracker for Basecamp provides detailed statistics on working time. Use the Timers page to find out what your team is working on right now. Meanwhile, the Timesheet page will give you an overall view of the time your team members were spending during a week. The Timecards tab shows when each of your employees started their workday, what time did they take breaks, and when they finished working. The Timeoff page includes the data on all vacations, sick leaves, and other PTO types.

    everhour basecamp team timers

Your questions. Answered!

Here is the list of the most frequent questions. If you’d have other questions or ideas — contact us.

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Is Everhour easy to connect with Basecamp?

Yes. Just click Try with my Basecamp and connect it with Everhour. The next step would be to install our browser extension. And that's it! Open your Basecamp and start tracking time.

How does Everhour for Basecamp work?

After integration, Everhour embeds controls into the Basecamp interface and thus extends it with many useful features. You can keep tracking time from Basecamp, through the Everhour website or browser extension.

What if not all my Basecamp users need time tracking?

No problem. You can invite and pay only for those Basecamp users who are going to track time and use other Everhour features.

Will someone else (like clients) see my time in Basecamp?

Only those people who are a part of your Everhour team and installed our free browser extension can see time-related data in Basecamp.

How to invite other Basecamp users to Everhour?

After you register an Everhour account and connect it with Basecamp, you can track time only for yourself. To invite teammates, you should go to the Everhour team page and manually invite your team by entering their emails. Each employee should finish the signup flow and connect their Basecamp account.

Does Everhour work on Basecamp native apps?

Unfortunately, it is not possible due to technical reasons. Only folks at Basecamp can decide to integrate with Everhour. Other time trackers can't do this either.

A time tracker you can trust for life

"I love how Everhour makes it easy to see how you're spending your time so you can adjust your schedule, redistribute your workload, etc. You can see exactly how long it takes you and your team to complete certain tasks and plan future projects accordingly. It integrates with Basecamp so all I have to do is press a little play button next to each of my to-dos and it tracks how long I'm spending. Then I can pull up a detailed report later to see where my time is going. It's been especially helpful when putting together the argument for additional team members."

— Kate B. (Source: Capterra)

“We use Everhour across our entire organization for time tracking. Not only do we use it for tracking client billable work, but we also use it for our internal projects and almost everything we do, so we can analyze how we spend our time and find ways to make everything more efficient. The integration with Basecamp is the most important feature for us.

— Tim H. (Source: TrustRadius)

"Everhour allows our team to save time on time tracking! Everhour is the best time tracking tool for use with Basecamp. In the past, we have used Toggl and Tick and while they did integrate with Basecamp, it wasn't as seamless as it is with Everhour."

— Kory L. (Source: Capterra)

“We are a 15 people team working remotely from different cities of Latin America and Europe, and time tracking for each client, project, and task has been always a major issue. We’ve been using Everhour for the past year or so, and it has become an essential tool for our team. It does not only give us the ability to track how much time we have dedicated to a project, but also to estimate how much time a particular task will need in order to be completed next time and by who. Easily create and save reports with just a few clicks”

— Daniel Y. (Source: TrustRadius)

I love Everhour's integration with Basecamp. My team can track their hours and I can pull all sorts of reporting for my agency. The custom reporting tool is my favorite. I can create multiple reports and share them with certain people so everyone gets the information they need on my leadership and billing team.”

— Emily D. (Source:

“Everhour has already paid for itself for the year by helping me track time I was missing in client projects. It is easy to use, has friendly customer service people, and the reports make it easy to invoice clients and track projects.”

— Jennifer D. (Source: TrustRadius)