Time tracking in Trello

Everhour empowers Trello by precise time management opportunities. Time tracker naturally joins your already existing boards, looks and works highly native

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  • With Everhour, you can set up estimates for yourself or your teammates and track time with ease right inside of your card. It shows estimate, logged time and overtimes. Just imagine, all-in-one card.

Time tracking and estimates inside Trello
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Mike Arnesen

Founder & CEO at UpBuild

Everhour makes time tracking for Trello super simple, and you feel the timer is a natural part of the Trello app.

Time tracking is essential because it allows us to analyze how long everyday tasks have taken us in the past and adjust our planning accordingly.

Just like Trello, Everhour is simple and lets us do the one thing we need to do with it. We aren’t forced to use additional features that we don’t care about. Everhour does one thing and does it very well.

  • Watch all important time indicators in your board panel. Track your team performance without switching the tab. What’s more, see the total reported time under each board to track overall progress.
Reported Time and Estimates in Trello

Excellent reporting

Everhour website allows receiving a comprehensive report of your team’s activity.

Here just a few samples. More in our Reports Gallery.

Monthly timesheet report - Everhour

Monthly timesheet

See time spent by your team for a certain period

Tasks by member report - Everhour

Tasks by member

Run a report with track history of each member

Remaining time by project / iteration - Everhour

Time in milestone

Analyze your work by two criteria at once


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