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Browser time tracking extension

On-the-fly time tracking from your browser toolbar and
within popular project management tools


Everhour for Chrome



Everhour for Firefox



Everhour for Safari



Time tracking from browser toolbar

You can bring up Everhour to track time right from
your browser with a single click

everhour browser popover

Timer icon

The icon in the toolbar shows when the timer is running (red) or stopped (green). A tip to check if you time track your activity at the moment.


You will see the popover window by clicking on the icon. With it, you can quickly access your tracking history, quickly start a timer for recent tasks, as well as find a task for details or to log your time for a past date.

Reminders and notifications

You’ll receive notifications about long-running timers
and reminders to track time

Browser Notifications

Remind to track time

We will remind you to track your time on workdays if you haven’t recorded any time for a while.

Timer left for too long

Be notified when your timer has been running for too long, say more than 4 hours. So you can react if and as necessary.

Notification settings

You can turn the notification on and off at any time. In addition, configure the threshold values when to receive a notification.

Time tracking within popular project management tools

Everhour brings time tracking right inside the most
popular project management tools

everhour asana embed

Embed timer

By means of our browser extension, we integrate time tracking and reporting with a handful of most popular project management tools: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira and more. We aim to appear in their interface as native as possible.


By doing so, we want to let you stay in one program you use most of the day and don’t switch between different tabs or duplicate the task titles to your time tracking tool. Just start a timer from your task and stay focused on your work.

Getting started with Everhour


Sign up

Start by making an account with Everhour. The registration starts with an onboarding wizard that sets you up in a few steps. We recommend connecting your project management tool during this process when you use one.

Install our browser extension

You should have our plugin on all browsers you work with. Thus, if you work with Everhour at the office and later want to continue work at home from another computer, you should install a browser extension before this.

Invite your team

Each colleague will receive an invite with a link to join your team and follow the similar steps you went through. They will all need to connect their account of the project management tool you use and install our browser extension.

That’s basically it. Happy time tracking!