All Everhour features.
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Everything you need for accurate time tracking, client reporting, invoicing and payroll

One click tracking

Start and stop your timer to record activities as you work. Or log hours manually afterwards.

Weekly timesheets

See what you tracked for the entire week. Record time for multiple days at once.


Track time right inside supported apps, such as Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello and more.

Copy recent

Copy timesheets structure from previous days and weeks to save time.


Leave extra notes for big tasks to make them straightforward and transparent.

Move time

In a few clicks, move time reported from the wrong task or date.


Set time estimates so at any time you can see the time you spend and what is left.


Quickly find and time track any task within just one entry field.


Receive notifications about long-running timers and reminders to track time.

Multiple time formats

Enter the time in any convenient format. Our system recognizes them all: 1h 30m, 1.5h, 1:30.

Browser extension

Track time right from your browser’s toolbar with a single click.

iPhone app

Record time spent on projects and tasks from your iPhone.


Know at-a-glance how you are spending your time across the day.

Manage tasks

Create tasks and add estimates to keep everyone in the loop and on track.

Use sections and tags

View tasks grouped by section. Assign tags for extra flexibility when doing reports.

Switch views

Whether you prefer board or list views for your project tasks, we have you covered

Copy templates

Copy project with tasks and estimates to start new similar projects in minutes.

Flexible billing

Choose from multiple billing options: fixed project rate, per member or non-billable.


Set up a fixed-fee or recurring budget for your projects. Don’t let finances catch you by surprise.


Receive an email alert when you reach a certain percentage of the project budget.

Summary page

Time reported for period, billable vs. non-billable time, and more all in one dashboard report.

Time approval

Be notified when someone submits timesheets for approval. Lock further editing.

Lock time

Set a rule to prevent members editing time entries after a certain period.

Correct employee time

Admins can easily edit time on behalf of their team members if there was a mistake.

Live dashboard

Quickly find who is working at any moment and on what. And who did not report a minute.

Auto-stop timer

Configure to auto stop running timers at the end of the workday.

Time log

All changes and estimates made to the task time are logged and available for revision.

Roles and permissions

Control the access of different users in your team to features and data.

Deactivating users

Deactivate any user but still see all their logged time in reports.

Track expenses

Track work-related expenses such as materials, travel, and others incurred on the job.

Attach receipts

Upload and save a receipt when you add an expense.


Drill down and review expenses for specific projects, category, and team members.

Unit pricing

Instead of entering the bare sum, switch on the unit price per expense category.

Project budget

Expenses can be counted in project budgets or can be excluded.

Add to invoices

Add unbilled hours and billable expenses to an invoice in a single click as soon as they’re ready.


Set up recurring expenses on a flexible schedule of your choosing.

Create invoices

Easily create an invoice based on tracked time and expenses.

Flexible grouping

Use special dynamic variables, that will be replaced with a real data in the invoice line items.


English language is used by default, but you can translate any invoice label.


Add your logo and business details, set a due date and terms, offer discounts.

Track payments

Record payments received against your invoices.

Add to invoices

Connect with QuickBooks, Xero or FreshBooks to sync your clients and copy invoices.


With a single click, you can update the figures in an existing invoice if there were any changes.


Keep track of how much billable and non-billable time you have for each client and project.

Preview and download

Make the final check of your future invoice and download a PDF file.


View an interactive plan with your team’s schedule or project portfolio on one page.


Allocate time by projects. Quickly find where there is not enough time reported or if it’s excessive.


Know when someone with the necessary expertise will be available for a new project.

Time off

Add your team’s leave or holidays to the schedule to keep records and avoid conflicts.


Search to quickly view only specific team members and projects.


Quickly evaluate what is going on in your team, and how everyone is performing on their tasks.

Live dashboard

Quickly find who is working at this moment and on what. And who did not report a minute.

Project profile

See the time and money spent on a project, compare profit and cost, check the individual progress of project participants.

Member profile

Summary of a member’s work, with top tasks and details on each time entry they made.

Custom reports

Everhour’s report is an array of filters, columns, groups, and conditions that you can save and share with the team.


Apply filters to specify time range, project name, and team members.

Meta data

Analyze tasks deeper with access to such meta information as tags, task types or milestones.


Make any report private or share it with a group of teammates.


Export your data to send them to the client or to do some internal math.


You can round time entries up or down to the nearest in your reports.


Highlight various pieces of data in individual cells of your reports.

Summary emails

Complied info on team progress sent daily, weekly or monthly for a project or a member.