Everhour 2 - tasks

To-Do Lists in Everhour 2

Hi everybody,

Today, we are very excited to show you another set of updates which is going to make EH2 even easier to use.

We put much attention to “natively” integrate with such great project management tools like Asana, so that you don’t copy/paste your activities back and forth. However, there might be cases when Asana or other external tools are not a perfect fit for ALL your tasks or team members.

Starting from now these activities can be organized as internal tasks. Here’s a sneak peek :)

Everhour - Tasks page overview

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Everhour 2 - blog private beta UPD

A Glimpse of What’s New in Everhour 2

Everhour 2 Beta (not winter) is coming. I know we have promised it to come up a little earlier and we are very sorry to miss the target, but we are killing it every day to make the app look awesome.

We start sending early access invites from the 3d week of August. We will divide early adopters in groups and send invitation group by group to make it easier to analyze your feedback and keep in touch very personally.

Heads up, we would like and prepare to run some webinars in order to present how Everhour 2 works, what’s the main difference between it and the old version etc. Will keep you posted on that.

Anyway, we have already started with updates, so it’s time to give a deeper insight on the progress and highlight main features of the product that you are sure not familiar with.

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Progress-Update - Estimates-All-New-Everhour-Coming

Progress Update (March)

Folks, here is the regular progress update over the past couple weeks. We are always on the move and in a number of various directions. Therefore, it is logical to divide our report into 2 separate parts:

Current Everhour

Trial ended/payment failed new

Finally, we took the time to refactor our current mechanism of handling billing issues.

Previously, if the trial was ended, we were informing the user by email and in 5-10 days (in the case of negligence) his account was locked due to inactivity. If someone accidentally had forgot to do so, he would have emailed us and the problem would have been solved in a couple of hours.

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Everhour 2 - blog cover teams

Teams in Everhour 2

We continue working on Everhour 2 and this time I’d like to explain another important architectural solution which we’ve been discussing internally for a long time and are working on actively at the moment namely, teams, groups and time isolation between different accounts.

Team Definition & Adding Members

Let’s first define the term “team”. It refers to a company, an organization or a legal entity and includes employees, integrations and projects. It has nothing to do with “teams” in 3d party apps/integrations.

Admin adds team members by manually entering their email addresses. And here it’s important to note that the same email may be associated with only one team. If the user already exists, he must either use a different email or ask to remove his account from the other team. In such a case the time he reported will remain in the previous team and won’t be transferred.

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Everhour 2 - blog cover tags

Internal Projects & Tags in Everhour 2

We continue working on Everhour 2 and as we have been doing in the past, I’d like to share  beforehand the details of yet another important problem that exists in current implementation, as well as a fairly good solution that we consider for the upcoming release.

Prehistory of tags

Initially, there were neither synchronizations nor tasks in Everhour. Everything was super simple, create a project and start reporting time with a comment:

  • working on Checkout page design 2h
  • Skype meeting 30m
  • team training 1h

However, when you have lots of records, you obviously want to group them. And it’s not possible by a free text, whereas having just totals by project, a member or  a date maybe not enough. That’s why we’ve added tags.

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Progress-Update - Estimates-All-New-Everhour-Coming

Progress Update (February)

Hey all! 2016 is in full swing, and so we are. Working hard at making Everhour better for you!

The first news for those who aren’t regularly checking our blog is that we are actively working on Everhour 2.

In the process, we are openly sharing thoughts focusing on key decisions we’ve made such as Whether or not to show time intervals and How we are going to control access in new version and we have already received very good advices.

Thanks everyone!  We will continue to follow the practice.

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Everhour 2 - blog cover ACL

Access Control in Everhour 2

UPD: Agree with Adam W. (see comments). If an employee is billing hours on a job, the supervisor SHOULD be able to see the breakdown of where those hours were billed. If the user doesn’t want something visible to the supervisor, they shouldn’t use EverHour account to log the time.

In the following article I’d like to discuss another super important feature we’ve been thinking a lot and are implementing right now – Access Control.

In other words, what time a team member is allowed to see and what is not.

Our approach has obvious advantages but also nuances we are a little worried about. So, we decided to discuss it with you instead of just imposing our decision.

The article is focused on Asana, but other integration will work in similar fashion.

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Everhour 2 - blog cover intervals 2

Intervals on Time Entries

While we are working on a new version of Everhour, we are doing our best to bear in mind all change requests and ideas we’ve been asked for. But sometimes a feature might be more complex than people think. And by first and foremost I mean usability point rather than some engineering problem.

One of such features stands as “Show time intervals next to the reported time”. This topic has been in high demand on our forum.

In the following article I’m going to provide you with some scenarios that (hopefully) explain the complexity we are referring to and how we’re going to address them in the new version.

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