Everhour 2: 14 project management tools v2

14 Best Project Management Tools — Pros and Cons

Everyone has different ways of getting work done, and every manager needs a way to hit their deadlines, track the time their employees spent working on tasks, and collaborate with their team. And luckily, there are literally hundreds of online programs that do just that.

Which one is right for you?

Well there’s no right answer; some like to keep it simple, with just a standard task and workflow system, while others add features like chatting, calendar syncing, and workflow management.

But what really is right depends more on a matter of work type and personal preference, and you need to do a bit of research and find out what will be the best fit. Luckily for you we’ve already done the research, and we took into account our own experience of managing two IT companies, thousands of Capterra reviews, as well as helpful case studies highlighting the most useful project management features.

Let’s take a closer look at what we found:

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Everhour 2: 8 time tracking software

8 Best Time Tracking Software for Companies and Freelancers in 2017

What gets measured, gets managed.” In a fast-paced world where time is the most valuable resource, the wisdom behind this proverb is more important than ever. Running an efficient business means budgeting your time wisely and streamlining processes as much as you can.

This can all be done with a time tracking system that suits your unique needs.

To make your days more productive, we rounded up the best time tracking software for small businesses, freelancers, and personal use.

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Everhour 2 - progress update v2

Improvements: April

Hi there,

We have recently made some big changes, added some big features. But also, there is a bunch of small product improvements to make your experience greater.

1. Internal tasks improvements

We continue to improve our own to-do lists. The recent round of changes includes:

  1. a quick search/filter of tasks in the top right-hand corner,
  2. a due date for each task, which you can add when you open a task > Edit task,
  3. the ability to show incomplete tasks and all tasks within a project,
  4. projects can now be copied if you have recurring tasks for multiple clients.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 5.35.37 PM

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Everhour 2: Export PDF blog post

Export Reports as a PDF

Today, we have released another new feature you should be excited about :) Drum’s beating – export to PDF!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 3.03.31 PM

What makes this type of export to stand out from the ones we currently have – .csv and excel? Well, there is a number of reasons in favor of this type.

Now, you can send your client a professional looking report with time you worked on their projects. If you haven’t done this yet, add your company logo and the PDF file will resemble an invoice.

.xls and .csv formats require some technical savviness. When you export one, you need to know what formula to apply to make the numbers look nice and eye-appealing. With PDF, you always have a file with historical data to look at to quickly get an insight.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave your comments or email us at ask@everhour.com

Everhour 2 - case study mount hermon

Everhour best time management app with Basecamp 3 – Mount Hermon Association

We are pleased to show off that not only for-profit organizations use Everhour, but non-profits also benefit from us when measuring time of their activity.

Today’s participant is  Jon Wilcox – a Senior Graphic Designer at Mount Hermon Association, dedicated to enlarge our religious experience and unite the Christian community of all ages and professions.

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Everhour 2 - Tools we use 2

18 Tools We Use to Build Our SaaS Startup

It’s our toolkit: apps and services we use daily to serve 1,000+ great customers. Highly recommend all of them to any business owner

There is a long range of services and tools that stay behind Everhour’s back. And we hardly imagine our work without them.

Today we decided to reveal details in regards to how we use each tool, what we like the most and what’s the price for a hand of help from their end.

We won’t be talking about broadly used instruments like Dropbox or Google Docs, no new insights from us how to use them. Also, we don’t want to include products that we used just for a short period.

Only proven tools we use that make our (& your) business flourish.

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Blog cover - Jira integration

Time Tracking with JIRA

At Everhour, we always think what other external tools our timer can enhance. This time we stopped on Jira.

The integration is ready and you can activate it from the applications page in your account settings.

It is important to know, that an administrator of your Jira account should first set up integration with us on a Jira side to allow the whole team to add it.

This manual explains in details the setup process.

At this moment we don’t have a browser extension that embeds a timer right inside Jira interface, but even now time tracking with Jira is possible using our time input.

The browser extension is coming in a matter of weeks.

Blog cover - New team role - Supervisor 2

New Role – Supervisor

The problem:

We have a client project manager as a part of our team. She wants an admin status to be able monitoring team progress in the Reporting tab. But the problem she is able to see all our imported projects and supposed to see only those one she is a member of in Asana. But she will have access to info she is not supposed to.

You asked – We listened!

Here is a new role which is a compromise between open teams and teams that limit information of what different members see.

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