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Comments Column In Reports

Hi everybody,

Today we have an important update to those who heavily rely on extra notes they provide with time entries.

If you are unaware of what I am talking about, let’s provide some context. Tracking time through the input, you can not only refer to a task but also leave an extra comment to your entry. These notes are aimed at showing someone’s involvement in details, especially for long term tasks.

With comments you specify what stage you are now on, and it is even more useful when you have more than one person working on the same task. Besides, your client will better understand where you spent 5 hours from your overall 30h estimate to a task.

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Everhour 2 - advanced reports

Guide To Advanced Reports in Everhour

Recently, we have done a big job analyzing the types of reports created and used by our users.

Some examples were extremely interesting while many teams simply use basic combinations we pre-create upon signup.

That makes us assume the power of our reports is still a mystery for some of you. That’s why we want to share some inspiration!

Below you’ll find a plenty of insights how to get the utmost value from our reports. Reports you hardly get elsewhere.

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Everhour 2 - signin with google2

Sign In With Google Account


Some good news for these users, who log in to Everhour using their email and password instead of a 3rd party app. It is now available with one click. It goes without saying the email should be same as the one you used during the registration.

And a special note to those who uses Pivotal. It doesn’t provide oAuth and made us request its API token from you each time you log in. But not any longer.

We bring our apologies for kicking the can so long. Now you have an easy solution.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment box or directly at

Everhour 2 - progress update v2

Progress Updates (Dec)

Hello dear users!

With the New Year knocking at our door, we would like to summarize updates we have been working on in the past few months/weeks. Perhaps you could miss something useful in the pre-holiday hustle.

Besides, while we always highlight key features in the individual blog posts, there are tiny improvements which we wrap up and report on every few weeks or months. So let’s really quickly walk through the most important and significant changes we did recently.

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Everhour 2 - Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year!


On this last week of the year we are pleased to present another cool feature that enhances your reports. It is called conditional formatting.

Conditional formatting allows you to highlight various pieces of data in individual cells of your reports. This can help you see patterns or invalid values that might be hard to spot otherwise.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 10.17.41 PM

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Everhour 2 - case study #1

Case Study: Velocity Automotive

We are launching a series of short interviews with our great customers, who can’t imagine their daily work without Everhour, that empowers their favorite project management tool and makes them much more productive and organized.

We believe it would be a great idea to reveal our community how different teams organize their workflow and what role Everhour plays in it. This series might help you to improve process inside of your company and adopt others’ experience to your advantage.


Today we are happy to chat with Johannes Crepon, CEO at Velocity.


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Everhour 2 - Referral

Everhour Referral Program

From now on, there is a way to get your Everhour bill down to zero! Today, we’re launching our referral program to say thanks for spreading the word.

Now, each time you invite your friends, coworkers or anyone to Everhour, you receive and accumulate a discount that will apply to your monthly subscription.

Invite a friend to try Everhour at a 10% discount, and the 10% off their plan fee become yours!

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Everhour 2 - Intro boards in Asana

Time Tracking in Asana Boards

Tough news for you, Asana folks!

You’ve probably heard that Asana recently introduced its new cool feature – Boards. A simple, visual way of managing tasks. The Empire Strikes Back response to Trello.

What is more important, Everhour already supports (first in class) this kind of projects and provides equally intuitive and handy mechanism of time tracking and estimates. Oh yeah!!!

Everhour for Asana Boards

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Everhour 2 - public release

Changes on!

Hi everybody,

Some important updates for you: a brand new Everhour is officially out and live on our primary domain – - starting today!

That carries some changes in your daily  workflow!

Namely, you cannot log in to new version (v2) with your current credentials. We’re currently supporting both versions of our app – so if you’ve been with us for a while, you have to select v1 in the sign in form.

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Everhour 2 - full screen

Feature: Full Screen Mode In Reports

At Everhour, we love helping people to get things done faster and in a more comfortable manner.

Today we’re excited to announce a small improvement that we hope will do just that. You’ll now find a “Full Screen” option under reports configuration menu. This will immediately expand report to the full screen mode, removing all distractions so you can see more data without scrolling left/right.

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