Everhour 2: Edit time in Asana

Edit Time in Asana & More

We are happy to announce more product updates today!

#1 request for the last couple of months was to allow edit time right in your project management tool. The last piece of functionality to complement Add time and Add estimates.

At Everhour, we always want to make product experience as easy as possible, so here you are! A new version of the browser extension now allows you to edit your time right inside Asana (yes, man!).

This functionality and some other improvements come live with the recent updates.

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Performance improvements

Performance & New Task Details

Today we are happy to announce massive improvements on the app performance! You should see the app is much more speedy now.

Also, we have completely redesigned our task details popup and added some other cool stuff :)

But before we proceed, I’d like to note that due to the nature of changes (we did a huge chunk of work) we might have missed trifles. So if you spot a bug – we are really-really sorry – shoot us an email. Shouldn’t happen, but just in case.

OK, so, back to the good news.

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Everhour 2 - Boards layout

Boards Layout

A big change for internal projects today!

Some of our users keep all their activities in an external tool like Asana or Basecamp and do not use internal projects. It’s either because they do not need them, or they have not discovered the potential value for their workaround yet.

But others (as we ourselves) work in multiple environments, where each requires measuring time spent in it. For example, our development team works in Github, but they need to track time spent on daily meetings, internal company activities, training etc. GitHub is not the best place for creating tasks for this. Not to mention our accountant who will find Github a useless tool.

There is another group of users who don’t use external tools (at least those we integrate with) at all. So internal projects allow these teams to track time by creating a project and tasks just inside Everhour.

To sum it up, we think this is helpful and we want to enhance it.

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Everhour - Extension update

Extension Update v1.3.23

We are pleased to announce extension update v1.3.23.

The new version fixes a range of bugs in Basecamp and Asana timer, including the most recent one when it was not present on tasks overview where a project is a board.

But it seems to us, that the most important and long-awaited feature that appears with this release is the ability to see time reported into subtasks in Asana.

Chrome users are lucky not to do anything, as their browser should make an extension update automatically. Firefox and Safari users have to install a new version from our downloads page.

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Everhour 2 - Invoicing cover

Invoicing Beta Coming

In a matter of weeks we are planning to release the first version of our invoicing.

It will be in Beta test for some time, available to the preselected pool of users. When we make sure we don’t miss anything, we release it to a broad public.

This article will serve as an original instruction to how it will work and what it will do plus our future vision. We are happy to listen to your comments and suggestions on the early stage.

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Everhour - Extension update

Extension Update v1.3.20

We have released a new version of our browser extension – 1.3.20

You can see which version your browser runs on an extension page:

  • Chrome: Settings > More Tools > Extensions > Everhour > Options;
  • Firefox: Settings > Add-ons >Extensions > Everhour > Preferences;
  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Everhour.

Chrome users are lucky not to do anything, as their browser should make an extension update automatically. Firefox and Safari users have to install a new version from our downloads page.

The new version fixes a range of bugs as well as adds some nice features to Asana. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to answer most frequently asked questions about extension.

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Everhour 2 - case study dgoc v2

Case Study: De Groot Online Consultancy

Everhour is a very popular time tracking tool among digital marketing agencies. They value it for the ability to provide clients a detailed report of each minute they spend on a project.

Today we post a conversation with Marc de Groot, the founder of De Groot Online Consultancy, that provides a wide range of marketing services to businesses who seek to improve their digital presence.


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Comments blog post cover

Comments Column In Reports

Hi everybody,

Today we have an important update to those who heavily rely on extra notes they provide with time entries.

If you are unaware of what I am talking about, let’s provide some context. Tracking time through the input, you can not only refer to a task but also leave an extra comment to your entry. These notes are aimed at showing someone’s involvement in details, especially for long term tasks.

With comments you specify what stage you are now on, and it is even more useful when you have more than one person working on the same task. Besides, your client will better understand where you spent 5 hours from your overall 30h estimate to a task.

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Everhour 2 - advanced reports

Guide To Advanced Reports in Everhour

Recently, we have done a big job analyzing the types of reports created and used by our users.

Some examples were extremely interesting while many teams simply use basic combinations we pre-create upon signup.

That makes us assume the power of our reports is still a mystery for some of you. That’s why we want to share some inspiration!

Below you’ll find a plenty of insights how to get the utmost value from our reports. Reports you hardly get elsewhere.

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Everhour 2 - signin with google2

Sign In With Google Account


Some good news for these users, who log in to Everhour using their email and password instead of a 3rd party app. It is now available with one click. It goes without saying the email should be same as the one you used during the registration.

And a special note to those who uses Pivotal. It doesn’t provide oAuth and made us request its API token from you each time you log in. But not any longer.

We bring our apologies for kicking the can so long. Now you have an easy solution.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment box or directly at ask@everhour.com