New Asana…

UPD (01/10): Everhour now beautifully sits inside #newAsana. Check how it looks:


Note. Because Asana allows revert to the old UI for a very short period of time, probably a few weeks, we’ve decided that it makes no sense for us to maintain both versions.

FF/Safari users, you may need to reinstall the extension. Download from our landing page.


Friends, we need a few days to adapt Everhour to all-new Asana. This is our top priority.

It wouldn’t be a work stop, because you can temporarely switch back to the old interface. Read here - https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/switch-to-old-asana

Sorry about this inconvenience. Will keep you posted.

Everhour - pricing cover 2

Everhour Pricing Plans Coming Next Month

UPD (25/08): Decided to add one more, “solo” package.

Today we’d like to share with you some important news about Everhour.

But first we’d like to thank all the Everhour users. We couldn’t be happier about all the support and feedback we’ve received from you. And we’re very grateful for tolerance that the majority of you have shown in trying times. We really appreciate this!

Over the next few weeks we’re introducing pricing for Everhour. All of the details including price packages and transitional information are below.

Podio - Sorry

Removing Podio Integration from Everhour

Back in 2014, to help our customers track time, we started offering integration with Podio. Multiple companies quickly embraced the integration and it became one of their regular and lovely tool.

Fast forward to today, we are unhappy to announce the discontinuation of the Podio integration. There basically 2 reasons:

1) Podio has quite specific structure compare to other tools like Basecamp, Trello, Asana or Github. Which is hard to follow and embed to.

2) In the past 6 months, we have very poor traffic from Podio compared to other sources, thus we decided to focus on other tools. Receive tons of feedback/ideas daily and only dozen of us. Have to be very careful with priorities.

And of course we don’t want to sell a poor integration.

As the first step, we have already unlisted Everhour from Podio marketing pages. Next, we will remove “Podio Connect” button from the entire app and stop syncing existing projects.

Sorry to disappoint you :(

You’ll still be able to login your account, see past report and even track time, but without possibility to refer tasks from Podio.

Progress-Update - Estimates-All-New-Everhour-Coming

Estimates & Remaining Time

Hi everybody,

Sorry friends for keeping you in the dark so long. We’ve even started getting emails like “Are you guys still alive?”. We are! :) Just super-busy with ongoing work.

There are 2 major things we’d like to share with you today. First is about our latest progress and second is our long term plans.

So, what exactly have we done recently?

We were working hard on our browser extension. Asana users may have already noticed changes. Probably next week the same thing will be released for Trello and Basecamp, and one or two weeks later –  Github and Pivotal.

1. Estimates & remaining time

Everhour - Asana - Estimates - Remaining

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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

The last year has been very busy and productive and to celebrate all the achievements of 2014, we’ve prepared a special infographics.

Stay healthy, optimistic and let your dreams come true throughout the new year!

Have Joyful Holidays!


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Everhour Now Features FreshBooks Integration

We’re super excited to announce that Everhour is integrated with FreshBooks which means all our users can now export their time reports directly to Freshbooks and then send client invoices with this cool tool. Yay!

FreshBooks as well as Xero is one of the most popular accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Since we first introduced Xero sync to test out the whole concept of invoicing integration, we’ve been getting too many requests to add FreshBooks, so many that we couldn’t simply neglect them.

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Everhour New Team Calendar

This post is dedicated to Everhour functionality that hasn’t been paid a lot of attention to previously – our team calendar. The calendar may seem like a secondary feature: it neither boasts integrations with project management tools nor helps handling tasks. However, this guy can come in very handy when needed.

Let’s see if you can relate to any of the following situations within your team/company:

  • managing your team’s vacations, days off, sick days
  • planning vacations in advance to avoid overlaps with others
  • coming up with a way for people to check on their schedule any time
  • informing employees about their teammates’ absence from work

Sounds familiar? With our calendar, you can solve all these issues and easily keep track of such events as day shifts, team building activities, birthdays, clients’ being out of office, public holidays, etc.

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Insights: Future of Everhour Invoicing

N.B. This post is of huge importance for us since we need to decide where to move on in terms of invoicing in Everhour. And how else can we make the best decision if not based on your very much welcomed feedback? :) So give the article some thought and share your ideas in the comments or via email sent at mike.kulakov {at} everhour.com.

Invoicing basics

If you are using Everhour, you must have noticed that the app has an option to make a project billable. It all works ridiculously simply: by choosing Yes, you’ll have all the project time considered billable, while with No selected, the hours will be recognized as non-payable.

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Everhour Chrome Extension Launched

We are excited as heck because the long-awaited Everhour Chrome extension has just been released. Huray!

When choosing a web browser to start with, we looked into the app usage analytics to see that Google Chrome was actually the most popular one. Sorry if you’re not a Chrome person but don’t you worry – as soon as early feedback is collected, Firefox and Safari will be coming your way!

Though we ourselves feel very happy about the first version (hope that doesn’t sound too cocky :) ), it is still essential to hear your opinion vs. just being content with our own judgement.

So don’t hold back and let us know your honest initial impressions: whether the installation process is smooth, if the extension works fine, etc. You can do it via the comments section or by emailing at mike.kulakov {at} everhour.com. Hoping to hear from you!

Below are more details on how to install and use the Everhour plugin, great opportunities it gives and the overall functionality.

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UPD: Tweaks Coming to Pivotal Time Tracking, Integrations & Reports

Note: The article will primarily describe improvements related to Pivotal Tracker but except for a few app-specific things, most of these features will be implemented with other integrations as well.

From the start, our goal with Pivotal time tracking was to release a first version in line with our own vision to then get maximum user feedback and polish the functionality based on your suggestions. Luckily for us, we have the most engaged customers ever and it’s been very rewarding to see all the positive reviews and what’s even cooler, improvement ideas.

Special kudos goes to @Dave, @Joseph, @Ryan, @Mark, @Michael, @Andy, @Brian, and @Douglas for such active participation in discussions. Thank you guys for the involvement!

It’s also hard not to mention the Pivotal Tracker team who have supported us a lot. We reached out to them telling about the initial positive reaction to the integration and asking for help to get even more feedback. They actually really liked Everhour and featured it on their page for some time which was awesome.

@Ronan, really appreciate your help and responding at the speed of light!


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