Everhour 2 - Referral

Everhour Referral Program

From now on, there is a way to get your Everhour bill down to zero! Today, we’re launching our referral program to say thanks for spreading the word.

Now, each time you invite your friends, coworkers or anyone to Everhour, you receive and accumulate a discount that will apply to your monthly subscription.

Invite a friend to try Everhour at a 10% discount, and the 10% off their plan fee become yours!

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Everhour 2 - Intro boards in Asana

Time Tracking in Asana Boards

Tough news for you, Asana folks!

You’ve probably heard that Asana recently introduced its new cool feature – Boards. A simple, visual way of managing tasks. The Empire Strikes Back response to Trello.

What is more important, Everhour already supports (first in class) this kind of projects and provides equally intuitive and handy mechanism of time tracking and estimates. Oh yeah!!!

Everhour for Asana Boards

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Everhour 2 - public release

Changes on Everhour.com!

Hi everybody,

Some important updates for you: a brand new Everhour is officially out and live on our primary domain – everhour.com - starting today!

That carries some changes in your daily  workflow!

Namely, you cannot log in to new version (v2) with your current credentials. We’re currently supporting both versions of our app – so if you’ve been with us for a while, you have to select v1 in the sign in form.

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Everhour 2 - full screen

Feature: Full Screen Mode In Reports

At Everhour, we love helping people to get things done faster and in a more comfortable manner.

Today we’re excited to announce a small improvement that we hope will do just that. You’ll now find a “Full Screen” option under reports configuration menu. This will immediately expand report to the full screen mode, removing all distractions so you can see more data without scrolling left/right.

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Everhour 2 - realtime report

Feature: Real Time Dashboard

As a team owner or team admin, you must be willing to be able to see what is a team working right now without rising a hand or pinging people in Slack.

It is possible now!

Watch in real time, who is working at this moment and on what, their past activities for today and identify those who didn’t report a minute today at all, ensuring everyone is on track and speed up those who are behind. Everything at a glance on a single page.

Everhour 2 - tasks

Feature: To-Do Lists in Everhour 2

Hi everybody,

Today, we are very excited to show you another set of updates which is going to make EH2 even easier to use.

We put much attention to “natively” integrate with such great project management tools like Asana, so that you don’t copy/paste your activities back and forth. However, there might be cases when Asana or other external tools are not a perfect fit for ALL your tasks or team members.

Starting from now these activities can be organized as internal tasks. Here’s a sneak peek :)

Everhour - Tasks page overview

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Everhour 2 - progress update v2

Progress Update (Aug)

Hi folks! I hope you all are doing well :)

It’s been a week since we sent first invitations to try Beta version of Everhour 2. Many of invitees have been actively sending us feedback. Thanks for being so helpful, it means a lot for our team!

Since the first Beta release we have added and improved a bunch of stuff.

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Everhour 2 - blog private beta UPD

A Glimpse of What’s New in Everhour 2

Everhour 2 Beta (not winter) is coming. I know we have promised it to come up a little earlier and we are very sorry to miss the target, but we are killing it every day to make the app look awesome.

We start sending early access invites from the 3d week of August. We will divide early adopters in groups and send invitation group by group to make it easier to analyze your feedback and keep in touch very personally.

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