Everhour 2: 13 productivity apps

13 Time-Saving Productivity Apps For Getting Work Done Fast

There never seems to be enough hours in a day, especially when there are multiple deadlines to meet and new items on a neverending to-do list. To keep up with the fast pace of work, many professionals rely on productivity apps to keep them on schedule.

But with many such tools in the market today, how do you know which productivity app is worth your time?

At Everhour, we believe that being productive is more than just saving time. It’s also about creating good habits and working efficiently, so you consistently produce quality work. This means the right productivity tools should simplify tasks and processes that take too much attention from your work.

To this end, we’ve compiled a monster list of productivity apps that will help hardworking individuals and teams do more and do better, in less time.

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Everhour 2: employee time tracking

How to Start Employee Time Tracking and Still Keep Your Staff Happy

There are some things in life that you just can’t have both ways. The old American idiom ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’ seems to apply more than we’d like.

One of the biggest management catch 22’s is the balance between tracking your employees’ time and still keeping them happy by providing autonomy and the opportunity for remote work, etc.

When managers track employee time, employees can feel micromanaged, but without time tracking, managers feel helpless and lost about work product.

The reality, though, is that tracking employee time is actually a really beneficial thing for most businesses, and a great thing for employees as well.

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Everhour 2: github project management

How to Boost Productivity by Using GitHub for Project Management

Time is money, and it’s a resource that software engineers have in short supply. On top of that, developers have their hands full with development – admin tasks are often looked at as an unnecessary convenience. They pile pressure onto team members who are already struggling to keep up with their workload.

Unfortunately, many developers have had a bad experience with project management software. It can often feel as though you’re using a tool because you were ordered to – and not because it’s actually useful.

Learning to use new tools takes time. Keeping those tools up-to-date takes time. Sharing data between systems takes time.

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Everhour 2: zapier hacks

How Does Zapier Work and What are the Best Zapier Hacks?

There are many different ways to keep organized these days, and it seems like there are dozens of different project management programs to help keep things in order. While what works best for you depends on the size of the organization and what you’re trying to accomplish, but the end goal for all of these apps and different types of software is without a doubt – efficiency.

And luckily, no matter what type of project management software you use or type of work you do, using a tool like Zapier can help automate processes and workflows to make things faster, easier, most importantly, more efficient.

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Everhour 2 - case study upbuild

How Everhour Makes Time Tracking for Trello Simple: Upbuild

In this new series of our case studies, we talk with another remote team at Upbuild led by a 10-year industry veteran Mike Arnesen.  Their team successfully copes with the task to stay productive and competitive without sitting at the office from 9 till 5.

There are many reasons for their success, and Everhour is pleased to find out that our integration, which makes time tracking for Trello a breeze, is among these reasons :)

build logo

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Everhour 2: time management profitability

The Ultimate Guide to Quality Time Management

Whether a manager, an entrepreneur or a supervisor, you know that one of the biggest issues you face within the business world with employees is time management.

When time management is confusing or poor, workflow slows and productivity takes a huge hit. Like the proverbial herding of cats, employees can be hard to manage according to tasks and even harder to track and bill.

Time management really breaks down into four separate components, all of which can affect workflow and hurt productivity and profitability. Time tracking, time analysis and estimating, reporting to a client, and invoicing are all issues that managers face.

Below is (in our opinion) the ultimate guide to excellent time management practices for maintaining workflow and increasing profitability.

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Everhour 2 - case study RCA

How Remote Teams Can Track Time with GitHub – RCA Web Design

It’s quite common nowadays when a company has their employees spread around the globe. Remote work has its huge advantages when compared to the office work. But it is all true when your team has a software that allows it to track time with GitHub, Asana, Trello and any other project management tool your team uses.

Everhour handles this task nicely. This is proved by our today’s guest – Ryan Aker, a founder of RCA Web Design.

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Everhour 2: billing and invoicing 3

Billing and Invoicing Software with Project Management Features

Managing your cashflow is essential to your business processes. To do this effectively, you need to document every billable item. But with a million things on your to-do list, it’s easy for the little things to slip through the cracks. Milestones get missed, timesheets are inaccurately filled, and minor expenses go untracked.

One way to solve this problem is to use a billing and invoicing software that also has project management features. With the right software, not only do you avoid missing a billable hour; you get to keep an eye on your team’s productivity too.

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Everhour 2: asana integrations

7 Asana Integrations to Reinforce Your Project Management

Do you ever feel Asana lacks anything?

Very often a truly great product is great at one thing. Asana will surely blow your mind with a blend of simplicity and functionality. The ability to enter/modify tasks at the speed of thought helps to write things down before the focus is lost. And its intuitive and clear interface is sure to win your heart. However, for a more sophisticated user, its native functionality might be not enough.

That’s when Asana integrations step into the breach.

**Integrations (or add-ons) are tools built by third-party developers. Compared to fully-fledged applications, integrations are generally lightweight, less cumbersome, and basically simpler to use. They don’t pack a variety of features but rather aim to solve a specific problem. With them, you can easily extend Asana functionality and add a significant layer of productivity to your project management process.

However, finding the right Asana integration might turn out to be a real challenge given that there are over 60 of them out there. And unfortunately, not all of them are equally good.

In this article, we’d like to tell you about 7 most useful Asana integrations that will help you to accomplish more while doing less in project management.

Each of them is best in a specific aspect e.g. communication, data structuring, or time tracking. All of them seamlessly integrate with Asana in real time and aim to make your project management more efficient.

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Everhour 2 - case study PHNX21

Why PHNX21creative Made Everhour Their Time Tracker in Basecamp 3

We fell in love with today’s participant of our case study immediately after he wrote a great article why Everhour became a time tracking tool of his choice.  We swear we didn’t ask it on demand :)

The guest’s name is Kenny Lange, Founder of The PHNX21creative Agency.

He calls himself a Founder and Caffeine Enthusiast. He likes to speak, coach and do blogging. He claims that he loves Jesus, his family, and cheers for Chelsea FC (who are highly likely to win the Premier League title this season).


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