Online Timer

Easy-to-use online timer to display a countdown from any computer or mobile device.
Set the timer manually or use one of the following time templates.


What is the online countdown timer?

The online timer is an easy-to-use and absolutely free computer timer made by Everhour, to display a large countdown on the screen. Feel free to set the timer in accordance with the tasks you planned. Set hours or minutes from any computer or mobile device. Once the countdown is finished - the online digital timer’s alarm will sound at your computer's volume.

How to set the online digital timer?

You can start it in just a few simple steps:

  • Set any number of minutes you want the online timer to run.
  • Choose a time from pre-sets, change in URL, or use the +/- buttons.
  • Turn on/off the alarm sound by pressing the toggle.
  • Click "Start timer" to begin your timer.

How does the online digital timer work?

The countdown timer will begin counting down after set up. You can see how long it is left and what time it finishes on your device screen. Once completed, an alarm sound will be played. Ensure your computer volume is turned on, to hear the alarm, or just turn the alarm off.

  • Press Pause to stop the online timer.
  • Press Start again to continue the digital timer countdown.
  • Press Reset to stop your timer and replace it with the default state.

Where can I use the online timer?

This digital timer shows a large on-screen countdown, so it is comfortable for use in daily meetings or while doing your daily tasks when working, studying, practicing, or exercising.

We hope you enjoy it!