Time tracking with screenshots

Optionally take screenshots of your contractors or freelancers to verify their work, build trust, provide feedback and improve productivity

Everhour screenshots recording app

How to use Everhour's time tracking software with screenshots?

We believe that time tracking should be easy. That’s why we designed our screenshot recording module to be extremely lightweight. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Create your FREE Everhour account

    Click here and sign up for free. In just a few steps, you’ll have your time tracking account up and running with not a second wasted.

  • Step 2: Add your team

    Before your team can start tracking time, you’ll need to invite them to the app. We’ve made it simple, so all you have to do is send them a sign-up link. Not ready to roll it out to everyone right away? That’s ok! Even just one member of the team will do to get started.

    everhour time tracking with screenshots invite members

  • Step 3: Admin enables "Screenshots" app

    Capturing screenshots is an essential yet not used by every team functionality. Screenshots app can be added or removed from your Everhour interface by any team admin on the Applications page. Just like you can select specific team members who should use the screenshots app.

    Everhour screenshots recording app settings

  • Step 4: Download and install screenshot recording app

    Screenshots are captured only if you have the screenshot recording app installed and running. Web app, browser extension, and mobile app can't capture screenshots.

    Install for Mac

    Install for Windows

  • Step 5: Review captured screenshots

    You can see all your generated screenshots when you open Everhour web app. You can delete any of your screenshot at any time. Regular team members can see and delete all their personal screenshots, and admins can see and delete everyone's. Screenshot deletion is permanent (there is no undo).

    Everhour screenshots recording app preview

What else Everhour can do for you?

They say time is money. That’s why knowing how much was spent in your business is essential to ensuring those balance sheets stay in the black. Here’s how our time clock app for business can help:

  • Integrations with PM tools

    From Jira to Asana, Trello to Basecamp, ClickUp to Slack and even Xero, Everhour’s integrations are some of the most intuitive and user-friendly on the market. Our software integrates seamlessly with your tools, so that your employees don’t have to switch between tabs to track when they clocked in and clocked out of the office, or stopped or started working on a particular task.

  • Manual time tracking with no privacy invasion

    Manual time tracking is an efficient and simple way to track working time. This allows you to securely monitor employee working time with no security risks from tab tracking. Manual time entry empowers employees to feel in control of their time while you get the data you need to manage your business efficiently.

  • Project management

    Get to know who was working on which project and when. With Everhour’s project management features, you can monitor employee time per project and better plan your estimates for the future.

  • Budgeting

    Plan your budget and staffing levels in advance. Record your time-work ratio so you can bill accordingly with Everhour’s time tracking software.

  • Time reports and visualizations

    Everhour lets you take all your time data and build easy-to-read time reports that you can share with management or your team to improve productivity.

  • Resource planning

    Reduce the amount of guesswork in resource planning. When you know your team’s capacity, you can accurately plan costs, staffing needs, and more in advance to increase client satisfaction and reduce burnout for your squad.

  • Client invoicing

    Ensure accurate data and timekeeping so that when it comes to billing your client, you are 100% sure that your time data is accurate. Avoid undercharging, overcharging, or disputes about the number of hours spent on a project.