Time tracking in GitHub

Everhour works inside GitHub. No additional project setup. New projects or changes will synchronize automatically

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Time tracking and estimates inside GitHub

Why choose Everhour?

Here is why GitHub + Everhour is the best time tracking integration on the market

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1. Quick setup

When you connect GitHub with Everhour, we sync all your repositories so that your team can start tracking time right away. No manual project setup required.

2. Less employee teaching

You don’t need to explain to your staff how to use additional software. Time tracking controls will appear right inside their GitHub interface, making it easy for them to track time.

3. Accuracy

Employees often forget to track time as it's not convenient for them to switch between apps. Everhour eliminates these steps and improves time tracking accuracy.

4. Estimates always in front of you

Everhour shows time vs. estimate beside issue titles. When the entire team sees progress on tasks, they will hold you accountable to ensuring work is done.

5. Automatic updates

When you add a new repository or change the name of the existing issue in GitHub, we will sync this change automatically in Everhour. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

6. Detailed reports

Our reports let you organize reported time using various information from your GitHub issues such as labels or milestones. So you can dive deeper into analysis to get more accurate results.

How Everhour improves GitHub?

Here is a bit more details on how Everhour integrates with GitHub
and what advantages it will give you

Time and estimate along issues

With Everhour, you can easily track time in any task within GitHub. You will see the timer and reported time next to the issue title as well as the total time by the entire project.

GitHub time tracking issues
GitHub time tracking project board

Time in projects

Project boards on GitHub help you organize and prioritize your work. With Everhour, you can now see time and estimates right here, by every issue and the total time by column.

Time in issue details

In the task details, you’ll see the reported time by each employee and its progress towards the original estimate. You can track time using timer or log time manually at any time.

GitHub time tracking employees
GitHub time tracking and estimates

Overall or individual estimates

Among other things, you can track progress by the issue as a whole, or even set individual estimates.

4.5 of 5 is how people usually rate Everhour. Based on 300+ reviews on such popular platforms as  Capterra, G2Crowd, or TrustRadius. Read what real people say.

What else Everhour can do for you?

Besides controls we embed into GitHub interface, you will get access to
many extra features through our site

  • Resource planning

    Schedule hours of your employees, see their workload and time off to plan projects work accordingly

  • Timesheets

    Easy to use online timesheets. Invite anyone to track time, set flexible rates and enjoy easy billing and reporting

  • Live dashboard

    Quickly find who is working at this moment and on what without distracting employees and taking them out of the flow

  • Project budgeting

    Keep track of all your projects, set budgets and alerts, split billable and non-billable hours

  • Invoicing

    Create accurate invoices from the logged work just in a few clicks. Watch the reported time and the time invoiced

Resource planning Timesheets Live dashboard Project budgeting Invoicing

Your questions. Answered!

Here is the list of the most frequent questions. If you’d have other questions or ideas — contact us.

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How to sign up?

Click on Try with my GitHub and connect it with us. Next step would be to install our browser extension. And that's it! Open your GitHub and start tracking time.

How does sync work?

Everhour automatically syncs your GitHub repositories. It also keeps track of changes of project and issue titles, in order to reflect the newest title on the timesheet. This is a striking difference with other tools where they force you to manually duplicate projects, match and change them.

Why Everhour needs read and write access to GitHub repos?

We request access to your GitHub repositories so we can access issues. Believe it or not, there is no GitHub API permission allowing "OAuth Apps" to request access ONLY for issues at this time. We have to request full access ('repo' scope) to your code to interact with issues. While the transition to "GitHub Apps" is quite difficult for us at the moment. We will never, ever download of modify your code. Just like you, we’re developers and entirely respect the privacy of your code. All we download are repository name and issues titles, even without description. And even that we never change, only read.

What if not all my GitHub users need time tracking?

No problem. You can invite and pay only for those GitHub users who are going to track time and use other Everhour features.

Will someone else (like clients) see my time?

Only those people who are a part of your Everhour team and installed our browser extension can see time related data in GitHub.

How to invite other team members?

After you register Everhour account and connect it with GitHub, you can track time only for yourself. To invite teammates, you should go to Everhour team page and manually invite your team by entering their emails. Each employee should finish signup flow and connect their GitHub account.

Does Everhour work on GitHub native apps?

Unfortunately it is not possible due to technical reasons. Only folks at GitHub can decide to integrate with Everhour. Other time trackers can't do this either.