GitHub time tracking integration

Track time in GitHub, stay on budget, analyze reports and automate payroll.
Works inside GitHub. No more tab switching!

Time tracking and estimates inside GitHub
Total time and estimate by the entire project.
See the timer and reported time next to the task title.
You can track time using the timer or log time manually.
See the time and progress of each employee.

How Everhour improves GitHub?

Here is a bit more details on how Everhour integrates with GitHub
and what advantages it will give you

Time and estimate along issues

With Everhour, you can easily track time in any task within GitHub. You will see the timer and reported time next to the issue title as well as the total time by the entire project.

GitHub time tracking issues
GitHub time tracking project board

Time in projects

Projects on GitHub help you organize and prioritize your work. With Everhour, you can now see time and estimates right here, by every issue and the total time by column.

Time in issue details

In the task details, you’ll see the reported time by each employee and its progress towards the original estimate. You can track time using timer or log time manually at any time.

GitHub time tracking employees
GitHub time tracking and estimates

Overall or individual estimates

Among other things, you can track progress by the issue as a whole, or even set individual estimates.

Questions? We have answers

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Is Everhour easy to connect with GitHub?

Yes. Just click Try with my GitHub and connect it with Everhour. The next step would be to install our browser extension. And that's it! Open your GitHub and start tracking time.

How does Everhour for GitHub work?

After integration, Everhour embeds controls into the GitHub interface and thus extends it with many useful features. You can keep tracking time from GitHub, through the Everhour website or browser extension.

Why does Everhour need read and write access to GitHub repos?

We request access to your GitHub repositories so we can access issues. Believe it or not, there is no GitHub API permission allowing "OAuth Apps" to request access ONLY for issues at this time. We have to request full access ('repo' scope) to your code to interact with issues. We never, ever download or modify your code. All we download are repository name and issues titles, even without description. And even that we never change, only read.

What if not all my GitHub users need time tracking?

No problem. You can invite and pay only for those GitHub users who are going to track time and use other Everhour features.

Will someone else (like clients) see my time in GitHub?

Only those people who are a part of your Everhour team and installed our free browser extension can see time-related data in GitHub.

How to invite other GitHub users to Everhour?

After you register an Everhour account and connect it with GitHub, you can track time only for yourself. To invite teammates, you should go to the Everhour team page and manually invite your team by entering their emails. Each employee should finish the signup flow and connect their GitHub account.

Does Everhour work on GitHub native apps?

Unfortunately, it is not possible due to technical reasons. Only folks at GitHub can decide to integrate with Everhour. Other time trackers can't do this either.

What our lovely customers
are saying

“Overall a great and very affordable software with just the right amount of very robust and well thought out features! The perfect tool for freelancers and companies! I hate wasting time on complex software. Everhour just gets out of my way so I can get work done. Very responsive and helpful support! GitHub integration is fantastic and makes time tracking a lot easier and faster! I can build detailed reports of my work for clients. Exporting invoices directly to Freshbooks perfectly integrates my time tracking with my invoicing workflow. The app allows me to quickly start/stop timers when I forgot to do so on the web.”

— Benjamin W. (Source:  Capterra)

“I am the owner of the company, and I use Everhour for timekeeping of myself and my subcontractors. All team members use the system - from web developers to tech support to project management to design.”

— Jennifer H. (Source:  TrustRadius)

"The best time tracker for GitHub. Close integration to GitHub allows us to work with estimates and man-hours with ease. Flexible reporting satisfies our needs. Built-in calculations of projects costs and budgets control are cool."

— Mike D. (Source:

“We are a 15 people team working remotely from different cities of Latin America and Europe, and time tracking for each client, project, and task has been always a major issue. We’ve been using Everhour for the past year or so, and it has become an essential tool for our team. It does not only give us the ability to track how much time we have dedicated to a project, but also to estimate how much time a particular task will need in order to be completed next time and by who. Easily create and save reports with just a few clicks”

— Daniel Y. (Source:  TrustRadius)

“Everhour is being used by my department now, but it’s planned to be used across the whole company. We were having problems tracking the times of every project and Everhour ended up being the best solution to the issue. We’re tracking our tasks involved in every project, in every level (software development, meetings, project management, etc.)”

— Maria Lucia S. (Source:  TrustRadius)

“Everhour has already paid for itself for the year by helping me track time I was missing in client projects. It is easy to use, has friendly customer service people, and the reports make it easy to invoice clients and track projects.”

— Jennifer D. (Source:  TrustRadius)