Benefits from using Everhour time tracker

We offer a set of tools to help teams to be more transparent,
make better estimates and improve productivity

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Things your team will appreciate
on a daily basis

Ease and variety of ways to track time (browser extension, web, embedded buttons within popular project management tools)

Set and track time estimates for tasks

An admin can see what task an employee is working on in real time

Daily summary emails with a team progress can be used in stand-ups or just to save time from opening reports

Stop a timer of an employee leaving a comment and sending them a notification email

Things used less frequently but
still each week

A timesheet view and other widgets to ensure everyone reported their time

Special widget to ensure your team’s doing enough billable work

Special report with the performance of every member or a project

Set hourly and fee-based budgets to track your project’s progress

Due to a task-based time tracking, you can easily analyze the work of your team for a week. You won’t have thousands of lines of free text notes

Something you’ll definitely use

Highly customizable reports give you more control - and greater insights - than traditional timesheets

Use internal member rates as your costs to calculate the profitability of a team’s time

Issue invoices with time you worked and export it to Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks

Finally, how to better control
time and avoid mistakes

Define a project as billable or non-billable to leave your team just track time. In many systems, employees specify whether a task is billable or not themselves, that often leads to errors

Configure how many hours a day, a week, a month you allow your members to log. Reporting above it will be restricted

Add a unique budget for each client and project and switch on limits to track time above it

Lock time editing by member after a certain period of time

Check task time log with history of time entries to evaluate the accuracy and efficiency of a team work

Get notified and take over when a project or member hits a threshold

Integrate with Zapier to put away lots of manual work

Connect with your primary project management tool to synchronize its structure and avoid repetitions

Probably the core benefit. Zero staff training as we allow tracking time directly from the interface or your project management tools such as Asana, Trello or Basecamp

2,000+ businesses use Everhour to manage their projects

  • First Capital
  • Vegas
  • AFG
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • coasin
  • Nextcapital
  • American Cancer Society
  • Omnimed