Why Nebular Claims Everhour is a Perfect Trello Time Tracker

Waclaw, July 24, 2017
why nebular claims everhour is a perfect trello time tracker

It’s been a while since our last post of a customer story. If you are tired of waiting, do write us in to offer your candidacy! We would be glad to say who you are and how Everhour helps you achieve great things 🙂

Today it’s again why Everhour is considered to be a perfect Trello time tracker. We brought in some really hard evangelists of ours from Nebular who call themselves hackers and tinkerers willing to change the world. We spoke with David Cano, their CIO about how they track time working on client projects.

Hi David, our classic question is to ask what’s your business about. What’s unique in your team?

We are a team of software developers who provide freedom and dynamism to our client’s projects, always ready to quickly experiment with new ideas with them. What’s unique about our team is the freedom that our members have to choose when and where to work, we love to work asynchronously.

Hmm, so how, in your opinion, time tracking helps you perform better with such an approach to work?

Tracking time is one of the pillars of our freedom because we need to understand our efforts. It helps each individual to acknowledge his own goals and performance, and as a team always grow together in a single direction.

What project management tool is the best fit for your asynchronous approach?

We use Trello to manage almost everything, from client projects to our special interests and other initiatives. We love the way it adapts to various situations or our business. It includes seamless integrations and great collaboration features for successful and enjoyable team communication.

Have you tried any other time tracking tools prior to Everhour? What made your choice in our favor?

We had tried Toggle and even a mix of Pomodoro technique with spreadsheets, but those solutions were too cumbersome or missing some important points. EH fulfills our basic requirements. You see a timer right in Trello and track your time inside Trello cards. It’s really quick and simple, all this for a fair price.

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What are 3 things that make you say that Everhour is a perfect time tracker for your business?

It’s really easy and quick to start tracking time for any task by just clicking on a timer.

It integrates really well with Trello (our project management tool). All projects are synced and added seamlessly.

Everhour reports are really awesome, they are so easy to customize by selecting the data columns to show up in your reports. Besides, the column choice is extremely various!

Thanks, David!


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