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Everhour is a Perfect Work Hours Tracker – Bonaparte

Waclaw, March 17, 2017
everhour is a perfect work hours tracker – bonaparte

Today Everhour continues its case study series with a representative of the advertising industry. Our guest is Eduardo Mello – the Operations leader at Bonaparte.

everhour is a perfect work hours tracker – bonaparte

Hi Eduardo, Please Tell Us More About Your Company. What’s Unique About Your Team?

Bonaparte is an advertising agency from Brazil that is constantly pursuing quality and innovation.

We turn the autopilot off to always get the best custom-made solution for our clients’ problems. We have a team composed of people from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise with different experiences and backgrounds organized in a way that everyone has a chance to contribute to the work so we can get the best out of every situation.

Among our clients are important brands from Brazil as Youcom and Agiplan. We also have worked with well-known brands like Converse, Coca-Cola, and others.

Why Tracking Time Matters for Your Company?

In our first years, we had some struggles in regards to time tracking, gave up several times. Today we understand it’s the most efficient way to know if we are getting the best value from the projects we sell and also a good way to spot weaknesses in our processes.

We have a weekly review of the spent time compared to estimates, and we point out spots where we might improve.

What Project Management Tool Does Your Team Use and Why?

We’ve been using Asana for more than a year now. We tested many tools for a couple of months and Asana was where we could best implement our internal flow.

We like to cross tasks through different projects and Asana let us do that. It helps to identify where one project might affect another. Nowadays, not only do we use it to track tasks but it is a great internal communication tool. Some of our employees haven’t used e-mail for some time now.

Have You Tried Any Other Time Tracking Tools?

We tried other tools (Harvest in particular), but now we only use Everhour as our work hours tracker on a regular basis.

The main reason for choosing Everhour is that it’s very well integrated with Asana, keeping our employees’ flow pretty much the same.

everhour is a perfect work hours tracker – bonaparte

Top 3 Things That Make Everhour a Perfect Work Hours Tracker. How It Helps Your Business?

The main thing is, as I said above, how well it’s integrated with Asana. You can keep tracking your time without ever leaving Asana.

We could say that the Reports inside Everhour are already very helpful. I’ve been using a Weekly by Member report. How much time the team reported and on what tasks. Also, I have a Project x Member – monthly. And once we can automate reading some of the stats through an API it will become even more useful.

Any Measurable Results? Any Delightful Numbers?

We are still implementing the tool in our process but we already got a better understanding of the projects we got running in terms of value and bottlenecks.

Can You Give a One-Sentence Testimonial About Everhour for Our Readers?

Everhour is the first tool that made our team feel comfortable about time tracking without breaking their workflow. This is hands down the perfect work hours tracker!

Thank you very much, Eduardo!


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