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Product Updates

How we’re making Everhour better every day. Updates about improvements, fixes, new features and more

Intervals on Time Entries

In this article we provide some scenarios that explain the complexity of showing time intervals next to the reported time and how we’ll address that

January 29, 2016 · 5 min read

Start Working on Everhour 2

We are going to improve our integrations this year significantly. Our special focus is Asana

January 22, 2016 · 4 min read

Basecamp 3 Integration

Everhour integrates with all-new Basecamp 3. Time-track any project to-do and get comprehensive stats

December 16, 2015 · 2 min read

New Asana Integration

New Asana, unexpectedly... Sorry about that. This is our top priority. Probably need a few days to fix integration.

September 30, 2015 · 1 min read