Everhour Tab in Asana Projects

February 13, 2020

Asana is getting a bit handier for Admins with Everhour data. We have added an Everhour tab in Asana projects.

Everhour tab in Asana projects is available for Admins only. It’s placed after the Calendar and allows you to pull out the project summary from your Everhour account.

You can play with the charts the same way you do that in Everhour. When it comes to the timesheet widget, you can play with the team groups but it does not let you edit the time entries. At the same time, you can simply follow the link after the Timesheet and edit the time entries in Everhour.

Nadia Novitskaya

Customer success manager, with Everhour since 2019. I do not make my clients love Everhour, I just love my clients so that they fall in love with Everhour back =) I'm an open-hearted, easy-going girl and I love challenges. Believe me, I do =) as I've been studying Japanese for more than 4 years already!