B-Sync of Estimates in ClickUp

February 28, 2020

The B-sync of estimates in ClickUp is now live!

Add estimates and B-sync in ClickUp will do the rest

A number of users had ClickUp estimates turned on for their spaces. It allowed them to see the progress in ClickUp calendar and reports but those estimates were not available in Everhour until today.

You no longer need to make double-work adding estimates. The B-sync of estimates in ClickUp now allows you to set up the estimate just once in our Everhour field and get it synced to the ClickUp field in real time.

Please note, the B-sync works in both ClickUp v1 and v2 with overall estimates only. Once you add an estimate in Everhour filed, we will sync it to a ClickUp one in real-time.

What else you should know

How it works in general:

  • If you had a ClickUp estimate only, we will sync it to Everhour field as an overall estimate;
  • If you had personal estimates in Everhour, they will remain personal until you set up an overall estimate in ClickUp. Once you do that, the estimate in Everhour will become overall and will match the ClickUp estimate;
  • If you had an overall estimate in Everhour, it will remain overall in Everhour and will not sync to the ClickUp field;
  • If your ClickUp and Everhour overall estimates were different, the Everhour estimate will be updated with the ClickUp one.


  • If your ClickUp estimate is less than a minute, we will round it up to 1 min in Everhour;
  • If your ClickUp estimate is in days, it will be synced to Everhour in hours according to your ClickUp settings for a working day.

Deletion of estimates:

  • If you delete your ClickUp estimate, we synced to Everhour earlier, we will also delete it from Everhour field with the next sync;
  • If you delete your Everhour estimate, we synced to ClickUp earlier, we will also delete it from ClickUp field with the next sync.

Many of you may be asking: will you move forward to do the same for time tracking? The answer s yes, but this is somewhat a distant future :).


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