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Expert Advice and Trends from 5 Top Project Management Podcasts

Mike Kulakov, November 12, 2023
5 best project management podcasts you need to listen to today

Practice makes perfect. It’s a fact! Podcasts are a great way to learn, stay up to date, boost your knowledge, and even get qualified too (read below for more on PDUs). So, no matter whether you’re just starting out on your project management journey or have been in the business a while and are seeking a refresher session, you’ll find the PM tips you need within.

At Everhour, a time tracking software company, we love to stay up to date. That’s why we’ve brought together a little bit on the history of podcasts, why they’re so popular, and – like any perfect 3-course meal – the best project management podcasts you need to listen to right now!

What Are Podcasts and Why Are They So Darn Popular?

5 best project management podcasts you need to listen to today

Consider a podcast like an online radio show that you can download and listen to at any time. Unlike a regular radio broadcast, there’s no need to find the right station and tune in at a particular time. Just download and go.

The idea behind the podcast came about back in 2004. It was invented by Adam Curry, an MTV VJ, and Dave Winer, a software developer, got together to download Curry’s shows to his iPod (way before the days of the iPhone). And so the first podcast came to life.

For podcast creators, aside from the ease of distribution, there are some significant benefits over conventional media – especially legal ones. Podcasts don’t require the creator to buy a broadcasting license. They also don’t fall under broadcast decency regulations. This means their content can contain anything from swear words to explicit material – listeners beware! 

But this also means podcast fans get access to the freshest knowledge and information out there. No bureaucratic broadcasting approval process is required. For those seeking the latest trends, project management podcasts can be perfect to listen to. You’ll hear real-life examples that are happening now.

Plus, podcast creators still have all copyright privileges. This means their content remains just that – theirs.

Some Interesting Stats About Podcasts

Podcasts aren’t just a new trend that’ll fade away. Quite the opposite, in fact. Here are the top facts about this accessible media source. 

  • 51% of Americans now listen to podcasts. In 2006, when podcasts were in their infancy, this number was just 11%.
  • 26% of people listen to podcasts in their car. In 2017, this was 16%. 49% listen in at home. 
  • 80% of the number of people who listen to an entire podcast.
  • 100 is the number of languages podcasts are made in across the world.
  • Smartphones are the #1 platform for podcast consumption.
  • The majority of podcast listeners are aged between 35-54 years old (37%). The 18-37 years old category comes in 2nd at 36%. Over 55’s make up just 11.6% of listeners.

Why Should You Listen to a PM Podcast?

You’ve got that MBA or years of experience, so what good is a project management podcast? These are the top reasons why it really pays to download and listen in:

  • It’s available on the go.
    Unlike a book that you need to open, look at and read. A podcast can be listened to anytime, anywhere – in the car, while doing the cleaning, in the shower, at the office – giving the ultimate flexibility. 
  • Many podcasts are absolutely FREE .
    That means you get access to the latest information, at no cost, right on your device. And who doesn’t love a freebie? There are lots of free project management podcasts to choose from. Imagine you want to know the best Asana integrations for your project or the most effective Jira plugins today. We’re sure you’ll find a project management podcast for just that. Meaning you’re able to select one that suits your particular PM interests at the time. 
  • You’ll never be bored.
    Most podcasts adopt a casual conversation-like format, that connects with your brain and helps it retain information. Unlike an audiobook, for example, the conversation style keeps the listener (that’s you) engaged until the end.
  • Boosts your project management knowledge.
    Any PM knows that the best tricks project management requires the right tools or knowledge of how best to track time
  • Podcasters are industry professionals, like you.
    Most podcasters have worked in the industry for years and are looking to share their knowledge with the world. That means the information in their project management podcasts that they deliver is often based on their own experiences. And experience is nothing if not a teacher. 
  • Quality content when you want it.
    There’s nothing quite like the ruthless world of the internet to separate quality from trash content. When it comes to podcasts others are quick to give their views, and pretenders quickly slide back into net Obscura. 
  • A great way to make procrastination worthwhile.
    Let’s face it. We all procrastinate from time to time and need a little help with our time management strategies.

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What Is a Project Management Podcast PDU and Why Should You Care?

Have you set even one toe into the world of PM and project management podcasts? If so, you’ve likely heard the term PDU.

But what is a project management podcast PDU anyway?

PDU stands for a professional development unit. In many online courses, these PDUs are taken and added toward your professional development qualifications. 

PDUs can help you earn a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. For example, watching X amount of project management podcasts will get you X amount of credit in your PM accreditation. Listen, learn, and get qualified. 

Helpful hint! To get credit for listening to a podcast, you must check the podcast is accredited first.

Best Project Management Podcasts to Check Out Today

1) The Project Management Podcast (aka. The PM podcast)

400+ episodes and counting. The PM podcast is one of the biggest (and dare we say best) on the net today. It’s available in loads of listening formats. From Android to Apple, RSS to PlayFM, Google to Soundcloud, the Project Management Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. The PM Podcast has free and paid podcasts subscriptions. The free project management podcasts offer up to 60 PDU credits. Premium PDUs, also known as PDUpodcast, allow subscribers to get measurable learning objectives, video webinars, automatic monthly webinars, and cover the 8/8/8/ minimum.

As a bonus, the platform also offers PM PrepCast. This is an exam preparation system allowing you to prep for your PMP exam. 

Listen to this podcast for: a comprehensive knowledge base of all things project management. For beginners, there’s everything from “How to become a project manager?” to “Interpersonal skills for success.” For the more experienced, “The Power of Project Leadership,” “Planning and Controlling Mega Projects,” and “Managing unknown risks.”

2) Projectified Podcast

The official podcast of the Project Management Institute, Projectified brings together the latest information on the project management world. It is specially created to help PMs lead strategic initiatives. It also increases collaborative teams’ ability to deliver solutions for their organizations.

Said by its listeners to be “first-hand information to be at the top of what the talk in the project management profession and in the economics.” Projected offers podcasts, such as “Career Development — Your Personal Project with guest Jacqueline Van Pelt, PMP” and “Transformation—Project Management Evolves.”

Listen to this podcast for: the official word on project management from project managers who are top of their game. 

3) Project Management Happy Hour

Hosted by Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson, Project Management Happy Hour offers no-nonsense talk on all things PM across their range of project management podcasts. Each episode covers real-life issues in PM, while guests share practical tips and advice relevant to the industry today. 

Aside from being a pleasure to listen to, Project Management Happy Hour also allows listeners to earn PDUs with a subscription that provides quizzes, templates, and premium content. 

Listen to this podcast for: the low-down on project management. Episodes include: “How to be a project manager,” “Who owns this baby when I’m done? Planning for deliverables handover,” “They told me I’m “too nice” how to deal with unactionable feedback.”

4) People and Projects Podcast

With 200+ episodes, People and Projects Podcast offers listeners monthly podcasts featuring insight into PM issues including people and projects, leadership, and management. Like other project management podcasts, People and Projects allows users to earn free PDUs which count toward project management qualifications. The website includes a free excel chart to help you keep track of what you’ve watched and learned. 

Here’s what listeners to the project management podcast say about it. “Great guests and it’s actually interesting,” “informative and entertaining,” and “great topics, awesome interviews.”

Listen to this podcast for: an easy-to-listen-to podcast that tackles realistic PM issues with accessible down-to-earth language. Episodes include “All you have to do is make the ask,” “Rescuing the project problem,” and “How to influence without authority.”

5) The Lazy Project Manager

This set of podcast episodes brings the best project management tips and tricks from Peter Taylor. He is a proclaimed change and transformation specialist with years of industry experience. Peter delivers easy-to-listen-to talks on everything from personal productivity to efficiency, how to assign tasks to be a young project manager. 

Like any seasoned professional, Peter is able to speak with authority and deliver actionable exercises for would-be and current project managers. He is frequently joined by equally qualified guests who provide an entertaining dialogue. 

Listen to this podcast for: answers to all those little project management problems you’ve always wanted to know the answer to. 

Putting Podcasts Into Action

Listening to podcasts is a great way to increase your knowledge about project management. It helps you to keep up to date on the latest industry trends, techniques, and more. Make sure your knowledge is tech-forward.

Another great way to keep up to date is to follow the project management section of our blog. Here you’ll find the latest tricks and tips for project management, and – our favorite – how best to manage project time.

Did we miss something? Write to us and let us know your best PM tips and podcasts.

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