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How to Measure and Increase Productivity Level at Your Workplace

Mike Kulakov, March 9, 2019
how to measure and increase productivity level at your workplace

Productivity is key to prosperity for any business. The more productive your team is, the more closer you are in achieving your business goals. However, most businesses often struggle to improve productivity level as they overlook the phenomenon of measuring productivity and do not incorporate ways to improve productivity level at their workplace. Hence, they end up being less efficient to succeed.

That is why in this today’s article, we have come up with few practical ways to measure and increase productivity at your workplace.

Ways to measure productivity at workplace

Measure productivity by setting clear goals

Every business commences with certain goals. Goals can either be a long term or short term. But whatever it be, you should have a clear picturesque of your goal as it is a key to measuring productivity.

For instance, if the goal of your company is to escalate market share, you probably better measure the productivity by your team’s ability to acquire new customers rather than looking after how much sales they could make.

Start by measuring smaller goals to accomplish bigger ones

If you have a long term goal of doubling your revenue by the end of each year, you should start with a supporting short term goals. The short term goal could be contracting with an advertising agency to promote an advertising campaign for your company or hire them as a consultant to analyze customer’s buying trends.

Also, breaking down into smaller goals are much easier to target than hopping into bigger ones. For example, if your company’s goal is to make $100,000 in first year, be sure to break it down into monthly or weekly values. Aiming for $2,000 per week is obviously more practical than $100,000 in a year.  

Get to know your employees for measuring productivity

You should know the capabilities of your employees. One easy way to find it out is by looking the data of your past projects like how much time did it take to accomplish a specific job, what were the challenges, who excelled the work and who seemed to procrastinate it.

For instance, how much time it usually takes to finish wireframes, logo design or setting up a blog. All these data will help to get a clear picture on how you should proceed with the upcoming projects.   

Create a system to track productivity

Any tools, processes or habits you incorporate to get the work done on daily basis, is the system that you have created for your work environment.

While you cannot be sure if those tools and habits will fit for your working environment, you shouldn’t stop testing it for the betterment. If one way is not working, be open to different approaches and be willing to try different methods at different times.

For instance, if the working hour you have scheduled for your company is not proving to be beneficial, try changing it. If employees complain about several health issues due to regular table work, create a mini-gym or yoga room to help them relax.

Each company has its own specific system, but if you do not have one, you cannot measure and improve on anything.

Ways to increase productivity at workplace

Increase productivity with comfortable working environment

The most basic and simple thing to consider is that the condition of your workplace does influence the productivity of your employees. The working temperature should be normal (neither too hot or cold) with right lighting. There should be a medium to enter fresh air to energize your employees when they feel exhausted.

Moreover, providing your employees with high quality and modern equipment – iMacs are awesome – will definitely help to speed up the working process. And since most of the work is table work, it is vital to provide comfortable chair for the employees so that they are not distracted due to discomfort created by the chair.

Set clear objective and provide regular feedback

Before starting any project, set specific goals that are achievable. Brainstorm your employees with clear direction and expectations. This will help to achieve increased productivity as employees are well aware about their task and will stay focused on workplace.  

Also, backing up your employees with regular feedback is equally essential after setting the business goals.  If someone is doing his/her job at its best, appraise him/her (with some bonus) and if someone’s not doing his/her job up to the mark, make sure you provide constructive feedback to help him/her perform better in near future.

Train your employees to enhance productivity

When you hire new employees for your company, training them in order to ensure productivity at its best is crucial. Proper training helps to better understand the job role which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. So, be sure to allocate certain days to train your employees.

It also works for current employees as well. You shall not necessarily train by yourself but you can arrange a program where you hire experts or send your employees to attend events of their interest to boost productivity. Being able to share views from like-minded people will help them to grow even more.

Time management is key to increased productivity

Tracking time of your employees is another key to boost productivity level. When your employees spend maximum time browsing internet, making personal calls or playing games, it will definitely lead towards low productivity.

In order to keep employees activities on track, try incorporating some time tracking softwares like Everhour. Assign certain tasks to each employees with specific deadlines. This will help to self estimate for them to complete scheduled projects on time. And if someone fail to do so, you can have one-on-one meeting to understand the reason behind the failure and ensure not to repeat the same mistake again in next project.


So, if you feel your company is not making the revenue as expected and your staff is not being productive enough, be sure to follow the above given ways to measure and increase productivity level at your workplace. You’ll definitely get some visible outcome afterwards.


Mike Kulakov

IT entrepreneur, executive and a former engineer. Responsible for company growth as well as the team’s motivation. Big fan of playing tennis, snowboarding, traveling, reading books, and (of course) I live and breathe our product.