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The Importance of Effective People Management in the Workplace

Mike Kulakov, April 4, 2024
people management skills & tips to become a good manager

Navigating the complexities of the modern workplace requires more than just good leadership; it demands effective people management. In an era where every minute counts, with a help a meticulously calibrated time tracker, this skill has become indispensable for organizations striving to achieve their goals efficiently.

In this article, we delve into the world of people management, exploring its critical aspects and shedding light on how mastering this art can transform the dynamics of any workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned manager looking to sharpen your skills or an aspiring leader aiming to make a mark, join us on this journey to unlock the secrets of effective people management.

What Are People Management Skills?

Anyone who’s ever managed a team (or who’s had one) knows the ability to utilize technical skills and experience is only a small part of being an exceptional manager. People management skills are arguably far more critical.

The definition of “people management” is universal, and yet relatively subjective. At its simplest, it’s the ability to motivate and work well with others. Below are some of the qualities found in exceptional managers with great people skills!


Patience is the mark of a great leader in any area, but it’s also one of the slipperiest. One may assume they’re a patient person until the going gets tough, only to lose it altogether. There are plenty of ways we can exercise our patience muscles. We’ve found these two are often all you need to tame the impatient beast:

  • Be mindful of your breath. If you’re taking quick, shallow breaths, try to take a minute to slow it down and breathe deeply. 
  • Give yourself and others some space by spending a couple of seconds in silence before reacting.


Understanding someone’s feelings and putting yourself in their shoes is an essential quality for any manager to possess. 

If someone is frustrated and has difficulty with a project, the last thing you want to do is make things harder by ignoring their frustration. Understanding these feelings and offering support instead of tearing someone down is vital when developing a productive team. And if you don’t take this from us, take it from the brilliant Simon Sinek; here is his famous speech on how leaders can learn empathy:

Practicing empathy extends to issues outside work, as well. If an employee is having a difficult time at home or with other personal matters, it’s essential to show compassion and understanding. If appropriate, reaching out with a helping hand never hurts, either. 

Mutual communication

If you can’t pay your employees the respect they deserve by giving them space within your communication, chances are, you need to brush up on your management skills. 

It’s challenging to do this sometimes, particularly if we’re in a hurry to meet a deadline or complete a task. It’s much easier to “talk at” someone about your expectations instead of speaking with them. 

When they collaborate and communicate with their teams mutually, many managers are surprised at how much more effective and efficient their teams become!

people management skills & tips to become a good manager
Why is Team Collaboration So Important

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Leading by example is an essential part of practicing excellent management skills. If you don’t show your people that you’re honest and trustworthy, and operate with authentic integrity, can you expect those qualities from them?  Like communication, gaining someone’s trust and cultivating honesty within your organization is a two-way street. 


Sometimes life throws us all curveballs. How you handle these is what makes the difference between a mediocre manager and a great manager. Change is inevitable. Your ability to adapt leads the way for everyone else to follow suit!

Problem-solving skills

Along with adaptability goes problem-solving. Some call it “common sense,” some say “street smarts.” Whatever you want to call it, the ability to think fast on your feet is an excellent characteristic to have, whether it’s in the workplace or anywhere else. 


Allowing your employees to take the reigns and assume some leadership on projects shows you’ve got excellent managerial skills. 

Let your team develop in a way that shows you have confidence in them, and empower them to take on tasks independently and see them through to completion.

people management skills & tips to become a good manager
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As a great manager, part of your role is to train your people well enough and give them sufficient opportunities that empower them to grow and advance within the organization. 

Positive attitude

Taking a glass-is-half-full attitude when change and challenges arise is an essential quality for great leaders to cultivate within themselves to pass on to their teammates.  Positivity is contagious and directly contributes to the performance of an organization in many ways.

Accepting imperfection

Just as they’re patient and empathetic with their people, great managers give themselves the same courtesy. We all make mistakes… And managers are no exception. 

Accepting these missteps with grace, and without blame or “throwing people under the bus” shows your teammates that you own your mistakes, and more importantly, you learn from them. 

Reward & recognition

Positive reinforcement and empowerment go hand-in-hand. It’s all about showing enough confidence in someone by giving them wings to fly, then recognizing them for doing it successfully.

people management skills & tips to become a good manager
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How we choose to stay organized is unique to the individual. Still, if your employees watch you scramble to find documents or your struggle to maintain the team’s direction because you’re unorganized, you could lose credibility. 

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People Management Skills: the Bottom Line

Developing and improving great people management skills is a lifelong endeavor. Working with others, especially when managing teams, presents an environment rife with opportunities to learn and better ourselves every day. 

Part of a great manager’s job is to use them as a teaching opportunity for their teams. This way, they learn to improve, and can eventually go forth and become great managers themselves!

Mike Kulakov

Mike Kulakov

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