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March 17, 2022

We are always on the search for high-quality task management apps to integrate Everhour with. And today the newcomer is time tracking integration.

Key benefits of Everhour:

  • Everhour doesn’t require you to upgrade to a Standard plan or above;
  • Everhour is a full-fledged time tracking integration, not basic workflows (“if this then that”);
  • Everhour comes with plenty of useful features.

How to set it up

First off, you will need to signup and connect Everhour with your account. This is a 2-step process:

After that, you need to invite your team to join Everhour. They will also need to connect their accounts and install the Everhour browser extension. Only those you invite into Everhour will be able to track time and see time progress (not necessarily all users).

Please don’t forget to grant our browser extension access to your subdomain. This way we can embed our controls inside the interface.

How the sync works

After you connect the two platforms, Everhour will automatically sync all your boards across all of the workspaces and display them as projects in Everhour.

We run auto-syncs periodically to make sure all of the changes that you make in get pulled up to Everhour. We sync the names of tasks, board groups, or boards when they are added or renamed in

🎓 Note 1. This is the first version of our integration and some of the items aren’t syncing yet. Namely, Everhour does not sync the names of folders or dashboards that you add to a workspace. We also do not support the sync of subtasks, tags, task types, task due dates, and some other metrics/attributes at the moment, so you can’t make reports using this data. We are open to feedback and will constantly improve.

🎓 Note 2. We do not sync Everhour time with native time tracker.

Everhour controls in

Once the two platforms are connected, you will see the following Everhour controls in

  1. Header: set the billing and a budget for any project, see total project hours, and estimate. By default, only admins can see project budgets, but you can make them visible to everyone invited to the project. Other financial data is visible to team admins only;
  2. ‘$’ icon: mark certain tasks as non-billable within a billable project or set a custom billing rate per task;
  3. Task time and estimate: see a task’s total time and estimate. Click on the badge to make changes;
  4. Buttons: track time using the timer or log time manually.

Creating reports with data

There are a number of columns that show specific data coming from, just like we did with some Monday alternatives. Open a report builder and select any of the columns to display the data in your report.

  • The Project and Task columns show the names of boards and tasks accordingly; 
  • The Section column shows board group names;
  • The Workspace column shows the names of your workspaces;
  • The Task number and Task status columns show task IDs and status (open, archived, etc.);
  • Custom fields from can be used as a separate column.

Dan Nagornov

I'm here to answer your questions about the Everhour app, as well as deliver the news on the most recent product updates.