Progress Update (May) – former version

Mike Kulakov, May 8, 2014
progress update (may) – former version

Hooray! We’ve finally released a big and long-awaited Everhour update. We’ve been working on it for a couple of months sharing some of the plans and thoughts with you on the go, and now we are ready and excited to present you the brand-new version that will make your time management process a billion times better.

Note: since the added changes are quite huge, we might have missed something trying to make all the cool features live as soon as possible, so don’t be too harsh on us guys 🙂 In case you notice any issues, please let us know via the feedback & support form.

Now let’s get started with listing all the goodies you’re getting with this update.

New, better reports

Both personal and organizational reports have survived quite a shakeup 🙂 The previous reporting functionality wasn’t as smooth and quick as we wanted. Besides, bigger teams might have noticed that data representation for large time intervals with tons of entries was hard to perceive and analyze.

The basic concept is still the same with all reports divided into several types:

  1. Report by Date
  2. Report by Member
  3. Report by Project
  4. Report by Task (prev. by Issue)
  5. Calendar Report (prev. Taken Time Off)

What’s new is more opportunities for data aggregation to let you see time stats the way you want. The available options are the following (see the Report by Date example below):

  • Arrange by (Day, Week, Month) allows to choose a time span for displaying data;
  • Aggregate by (Project, Task, Member, None) defines how the info will be aggregated within the chosen time span;
  • Sort by (alphabetically or by hours).

progress update (may) – former version progress update (may) – former version progress update (may) – former version

Previously, you simply saw time data for each day of the chosen period without being able to customize the way of displaying time entries:

progress update (may) – former version

Such an approach obviously lacks flexibility and limits the scope of analysis. The new reports, on the contrary, provide lots and lots of possible grouping combinations for your convenience.

New filters panel

We’ve updated the filters section as well for it to be in line with the enhanced reporting.

What’s new here?

  1. Thanks to sticky navigation, you’ll be able to always see the filters section on top of your screen while scrolling down.
  2. For the sake of avoiding a way-too-long section, we’re adding a scroll that won’t let the block go past a certain size.
  3. Select all items in one click and easily exclude a couple of titles from the list if needed.
  4. The section features a search field to let you quickly find a necessary member or project name.
  5. The number of selected members/projects and their total number is now available and in case a project/member has no tracked hours, it just won’t be displayed.
  6. Due to the right alignment of the hours, it’s easier to see projects/members with the biggest amount of time tracked.
  7. Project and team member names are now sorted alphabetically.
progress update (may) – former version

With all the improvements, it’ll be super quick for you to filter data to fit your needs.

Updated datepicker

As you may remember, the previous datepicker version included a dropdown with predefined time intervals and a custom date range opportunity. However, such functionality wasn’t enough with the custom date range feature having rather poor usability.

progress update (may) – former version

With the update, you’ll still be able to select one of those predefined time periods and additionally, set a custom date range in a very easy and intuitive way.

progress update (may) – former version

Asana and Trello integrations + Improved GitHub experience

Update (20/08/14)! Most recent integration changes for Asana, Trello, and GitHub.

Since Everhour focuses a lot on tracking time for tasks, we can’t neglect awesome project management tools used by teams such as Trello, Basecamp, Asana (and its alternatives), and more.

You may of course simply copy-paste task titles from other apps to Everhour and be happy with it but it’s not particularly handy.

The integration issue is often solved via browser plugins and extensions but this way is not perfect for further time stats aggregation.

In this version, we offer you an opportunity for easy Trello and Asana time tracking and analyzing of Asana and Trello tasks as well as introduce improved GitHub integration.

To connect your favorite project management tool to Everhour, simply go to the Edit form for the necessary project.

progress update (may) – former version

To further create a time entry, all you need to do is just choose a project using its @mention and refer to your Asana/Trello/GitHub task by starting typing its title. Auto-suggestions with related names will appear right away sparing you the trouble of manually entering them.

progress update (may) – former version

What’s cool is that a newly created time entry will contain only a task number which gives space for adding any extra comments. This info will allow you to better break down the work done and thus have a much more complete picture of activities.

Apart from a task title, you’ll also be able to see its current section (Asana)/list (Trello)/milestone (GitHub) and its status.

Moreover, we’ve added the new Projects dashboard providing extra analytics for Asana/Trello/Github tasks based on their status, section/milestone, tag/label, due date.

progress update (may) – former version

Polished Xero integration

With Xero invoices, you are now able to use the same aggregation options as in reports: by project/member/task/day/week/month/comment.

Besides, it’s possible to also add an hourly rate to save time and then just make small changes right in Xero if needed.

progress update (may) – former version

Updated Google Drive synchronization

We’ve also improved export to Google Drive and provided a better way of presenting reports via Google spreadsheets. Export is available for all report types except for the Projects Dashboard.

progress update (may) – former version

And this is it! A lot of effort was spent and a lot of changes were made. We believe this update is a very important step towards building the tool our beloved customers will be happy with.

And to make sure we are on the right way, we encourage you to give your feedback on the new functionality.

Feel free to drop us a line at, use the feedback & support form or leave a comment below. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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