Mandy Schmitz

Mandy Schmitz

Freelance consultant and project management expert with 10+ years of experience working internationally for big brands in fintech, consumer goods, and more. Join her on to learn how to optimize your business operations and find the latest software reviews.

Head-to-Head: Asana vs – Choosing the Best for Your Team

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Jira vs Trello: Finding Your Perfect Project Management Match

Dive into the Trello vs Jira debate and discover which project management tool suits your team's needs. Explore pros, cons, and key differences to make the right choice.

May 26, 2024

20 GREAT Jira Alternative for 2024: Free and Paid

Discover 20 Jira Alternatives that promise user-friendliness, budget-friendliness, flexibility, and beyond. Find your ideal project management solution today.

April 4, 2024