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Time Tracking Software And Employees’ Morale. What To Consider?

Mike Kulakov, April 4, 2024
time tracking software and employees’ morale. what to consider?

A time tracker allows employees to keep a record of the amount of time they spent doing specific tasks or projects. Mostly, it is used in companies that pay their employees based on the number of hours worked. It can also be a convenient tool for a company to track how much its employees have been working on a particular client’s task to present him or her with an honest bill after the work is done.

The software can either be used alone or used in conjunction with other systems. For instance, it may be convenient for you to integrate time tracking software into a project management tool like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, or Jira depends what you prefer to work with.

In this case, you can track your time while working on the tasks you are used to, and you won’t have to change windows all the time. Also, the data about the time spent on a specific task will be much more accurate, and you will see the real picture of your work. If you note your worked time post factum, the difference between the real-time consumption and your perception of it will let you know about itself. By clicking the button at once, after you finished the assignment, you will be able to see the real picture.

While for the company’s owners the usefulness of the time tracking software is obvious (however, a lot of them still fail to implement it), most of the employees hate it. They believe that time tracking software restricts their freedom. And in some cases they are right, especially depending on the tool they are imposed to use. Indeed, many software tracks everything employees do (keyboard, monitor screenshots, etc.). This is really annoying. Therefore, the choice should be approached very seriously.

The times have changed and time tracking software shouldn’t be used to spy on the employees, but to organize processes as effectively as possible and provide equality to all the teams members.

When employees do not understand a concept, successful adoption of the idea becomes impossible. Therefore, for the time tracking software, there is a need to make your colleagues understand why it is important to incorporate the time to track software into the operations of the firm. Below are a few thoughts for your consideration.

Besides, now there is a huge choice of beautiful tools available. It is important to choose a tool that your employees will like. An example of Apple showed the whole world how much stylish, user-friendly design means for customers. Your employees will be the customers of the time tracking software you implement in your company.

So, choose time tracking software very seriously.

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The old systems of tracking time often do not offer the flexibility that matches with a lot of people’s job descriptions and nowadays trends.

Time tracking should be possible whenever and wherever. For the remote employees, they will not feel as if their efforts are not being appreciated enough. The time tracking software will provide the employer with the actual number of hours you have been working even remotely.  Cloud-based software is what helps you to do that.

On the other hand, it is necessary for employees to have an opportunity to track their time both in the desktop program and in an application.  Tracking should be effortless, just one click away. To use the employees’ time even more effectively, the time tracking software should be integrated into the project management tools, like Trello, Asana, or Jira.  Such software will help your employees save time which they will devote to essential working tasks.

With time, you will get to appreciate the flexibility that flexible time tracking software provides for those in a physical office and also those who work on the road. And as an employer, you will receive more accurate information to organize the work better.

Proper job allocation

With the time tracking software, the managers get to know the amount of time taken by an employee to complete a task. Therefore, they are able to notice what each employee is capable of handling within a given period of time. With this information, the company is, therefore, able to organize the workflow effectively and allocate each individual to a task they are good at.

Employees are happy when they are allocated company tasks that match their skills. Successful use of the time tracking software, therefore, ensures employees are fitted in the right work positions. Redistribution of work among employees to suit their skills instantly boosts their morale and also their productivity.

There are times when the allocated job does not perfectly match the stated skills. Monitoring a worker’s progress using this software helps the managers to know if the person performs better in that position or if a change is needed.

Provides accountability

For companies that pay according to the number of hours worked, the time tracking software provides an excellent solution. Both the employer and the employees are able to access the number of hours they have worked whenever they want to. The time tracking software helps to keep track of the employees time worked and the number of hours worked.

The billable hours are usually tracked and a clear record is kept to avoid any disputes that may arise. Employees feel they are in charge of their working hours and also their paycheck. This feature is also essential in assessing the productivity of the management and also the employees.

Increased job satisfaction

From time to time, extra working time is required so as to complete a given task successfully. A majority of employees are happy with adding recognizable extra working hours to their work schedule. The time tracking software makes it easy for managers to reward employees who add more time to their work schedule. This makes them feel valued by the firm.

Such recognition of extra efforts in a company leads to raised job satisfaction. Also, due to this, managers are able to know times when employees are doing their duties over time, and this gives them an idea of the adjustments that need to be done to reduce workload. And if you feel you’re doing your best and working a lot, but your efforts are underpaid, you can show your timesheet report to your manager and discuss the possibility to raise your salary. This will possibly help you to increase your job satisfaction too.

Transparency and equality

All workers in a company want to be given the same treatment. They see it unfair when they have to work more compared to their coworkers and yet make the same amount of money in the end. People feel they are not being treated right when this happens. This can affect the morale of the employees negatively.

With the adoption of the time tracking software in the firm, employees are able to see who is working at a given time and how many hours everyone worked for the day.

This will help develop trust in the team, as everybody will be able to make sure that their colleagues really work, and not just insert the fake time in the time tracking document. And when your employees work overtime, you will know for sure that they are genuinely devoted and don’t just pretend to be hard-working ones.

It is advisable for managers also to track their time. The employees will see that all their colleagues are equal in the company, and this will inspire them to be more initiative and to develop their leadership skills, which is always good for a company that wants to be successful.


There are different types of time tracking software. Appropriate selection of the system is essential. It is crucial to choose visually attractive user-friendly time tracking software, so that all the team members, even the most demanding ones, are happy to use it.  Also, your colleagues have to see the benefits themselves of using the time tracking software. And the role of the team lead is to explain to them why is it so good and profitable.

In this article, we gave you some key ideas on it, but you can also come up with your own ones, as they are many.

When the right system is chosen, it gets to boost both the morale of the workers and their employers. It helps with increasing the productivity of each employee and the company at large.

With the time tracking software, company owners are able to trace their employees even miles away. They are able to know how their employees maximize the allocated business hours. On top of tracking time, there are also other types of systems that allow the tracking of individual tasks progresses over the entire day.

This software motivates employees to keep time and ensure they complete the allocated tasks within the specified time period. The time tracking software can work when connected to the internet or when offline. It tracks the employees’ work hours and helps with the management of timesheets. The time tracking software saves the employees’ time in that they do not have to make long queues to fill the timesheets.

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