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Progress Update (May)

May 3, 2015 · 4 min read

Hi everybody,

Sorry friends for keeping you in the dark so long. We’ve even started getting emails like “Are you guys still alive?”. We are! 🙂 Just super-busy with ongoing work.

There are 2 major things we’d like to share with you today. First is about our latest progress and second is our long term plans.

So, what exactly have we done recently?

We were working hard on our browser extension. Asana users may have already noticed changes. Probably next week the same thing will be released for Trello and Basecamp, and one or two weeks later –  Github and Pivotal.

1. Estimates & remaining time

Everhour - Asana - Estimates - Remaining


From now on, every task could have an estimate. Remaining time is calculated automatically by formula: “Estimate – Time Reported”. If reported time >  estimate, show overdue message.

You can manually update/override the Remaining field anytime. This way you can see the original estimate, reported time and actual time left for completion.

Example. Lets say the Original estimate was 2h, Reported time – 3h 20m => Overdue = 1h 20m. But it says nothing about the actual remaining time. Fix that by updating auto-calculated value:

Everhour - Asana - Update Remaining Time

Estimate value will also be listed in Report by Task.

Everhour - Report by Task - Estimate - Total Time

2. Report time manually

You could have forgotten to report time yesterday or have started working on something earlier today and forgot to start timer. Now, you can manually report this time directly from Asana, without even visiting Everhour web site.

Everhour - Asana - Date Picker

3. Time distribution

Click the “Reported time” label and in the popover you’ll see who was working on the task and the amount of time he reported.

Everhour - Asana - Time Details

Now briefly about our long-term plans

We’ve decided to release all-new Everhour later this year. No panic please 🙂 It will be a completely separate code-base and won’t affect you guys unless you agree to migrate.

We will gradually release new Everhour for Asana, for Trello, for Basecamp etc. Priorities are based on our user base and partnership agreements.

We want Everhour to provide best, almost native time tracking experience for people who already use such great tools as Asana, Trello, Github, Basecamp. And we spent huge amount of time working on usability.

It also means that we are going to deprecate many habitual features such as single-line time input, calendar etc. All time tracking will happen only inside 3d party tools handled by our browser extension and only per task. Going forward, we will have an API and ask our partners to integrate with us on the web and mobile.

So, our key goals are:

  • Fully automated sync. No need to create same projects, invite same members on Everhour side. The entire structure will be defined by integration;
  • No more @mentions;
  • Super easy signup for new teammates. Literally in 2 clicks;
  • Simplified and, at the same time, more integration-narrowed reports;
  • Summary reports by project / member;
  • Improved invoicing & money analysis;
  • Admin feature to manage/edit employees time;
  • and more ….

The first sneak peek previews below:

Everhour - New UI Coming

Everhour - Basecamp - Preview

Everhour - Trello - Preview

Everhour - Github Preview

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  • Evan Van Slooten

    Does the new and improved Everhour have the option to mark hours are billed? If yes, Is there a voluntary beta group or opt-in?

    • Hi Evan,

      Yes, this is the problem we also want to address 🙂 No opt-in list for now, but I’ll keep everyone updated

      • Evan Van Slooten

        What is the anticipated schedule for these features? I love Everhour, and I’m a little surprised at the oversight of this feature.

      • No exact date, but I’d say approx. 3-6 months.

  • Ruben Jusiong

    Thank you Mike for good new features.
    Will it be possible for the admin to edit employees tags? I think this is more interesting than editing the time, as they often misspell or put in wrong tags.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hello Ruben,

      Good question! This is something I had to explain better and I’m glad you asked.

      As mentioned, we are going to eliminate time tracking on everhour web site. No more /track page with input field.

      All tracking will be done in Asana (and others) and handled by our browser extension (obviously by that time we have to release FF and Safari).

      Due to this reason, we won’t need to manage tags at all. We will simply use/update tags you’ve used in Asana.

      Does it makes sense?

      And Yes, Admin will be able to edit employee time.

      • Ruben Jusiong

        Hi Mike
        You write, “eliminate time tracking on everhour web site…”
        Hopefully, I can still use that, because not all time is Associated to a project in Asana??
        Actually, you still have the problem with tags in Asana, that you can tag it wrong, and even though it is changed in Asana, the Everhour registration is (I presume), registrered as it was when the timer was started?
        So when I as an administrator needs an overview of the different tasks, the time registreret could be on a wrong tag. (we use tags a lot to differ between the different tasks in a project.)

      • Ruben,

        > 1) You write, “eliminate time tracking on everhour web site…” Hopefully, I can still use that, because not all time is Associated to a project in Asana??

        @mike: In fact this is what we really gonna do. In our plans, you can only timetrack existing tasks from Asana. What activities you cannot place there? Why you really need both? Can you please give me an example and a use case?

        For instance, why can’t you have @miscellaneous project with ongoing items like:

        – daily standup meeting
        – salary/taxes
        – sales/quote
        – project retrospective meeting
        – idle
        – etc.

        Because this is what overcomplicates Everhour right now. And you cannot analyse free comments.

        > 2) Actually, you still have the problem with tags in Asana, that you can tag it wrong, and even though it is changed in Asana, the Everhour registration is (I presume), registrered as it was when the timer was started?

        @mike: If something changes in Asana, we will change it in Everhour. We want to significantly improve our sync mechanism. Thus we strongly believe this should not be a problem anymore.

      • Ruben Jusiong

        Hi Mike
        Thanks for your reply.
        One example could be the customer that calls in with a support question – not a project.
        Or the sales person that we want to register what kind of time they use on what customers and what tasks…
        The customer calls in and istead of looking for the right customer in Asana, or if not there allready create a support task, make sure it is linked to the correct customer in everhour and the start the timer, the supporter can just start a everhour task “@customer blabla #support” – this is a lot faster!
        Regarding sales, if we want the to register the time correct, we need to create a project in Asana with all our customers and potential customers.
        By just adding them to everhour, we need only to fill into Asana the ones that actually becomes Projects, and where we need to track more detailed information.

      • Ruben,

        Let me say in advance, that I’m not trying to impose something or change the process on your side. Just wanna give you some more details on how we perceive this problem (of course we thought about it).

        1) RE customer call.

        Everhour is not a help desk call tracking. So, I’m OK if my teammate answers a phone call, make some notes on paper and record time afterwards by selecting an existing task or creating a new one.

        Again, no need to worry about things on Everhour side. The entire structure is fully defined in Asana using tags, teams, workspaces and projects. So, you just search for the client (tag?) or activity type (task?/tag?) and start reporting.

        2) RE sales.

        Lets say I have a quote from a potential client. I need someone to work on it. But first I’ll create a task, attach necessary details and then drop someone in. Everyone involved (ba, designer, developers etc.) will report time here.

        Ex: Project/Team: Sales > Task: “Internal marketing tool for Adidas #quote #adidas”

        Success: the task will evolve into a separate project. Closing task, leaving notes, tag #win

        Fail: closing task, leaving notes, tag #rejected

        Report shows me time spent by sales stuff, work on #quote’s, time spent in #win vs #rejected tasks

      • Evan Van Slooten

        Will we still be able to tag Asana tasks without having to tag the task in Asana? Currently the browser addon loads the current Asana task, which we can append tags to with #tag.

      • Hello Evan,
        Actually we no longer want to have tags on both sides. Why do you need this?

      • Evan Van Slooten

        Wow! It’s one of the main reasons I switched from Harvest.

        It’s very helpful for me to be able to reference these dynamically with #tags. As a basic example, if I client wants to replace their navigation structure with a mega menu, I may need to utilize Javascript, CSS, HTML and a back end language like PHP depending on the setup. I find it very quick and handy to be able to track each of these tasks by stopping my current timer, and restarting it with a different tag.

        This breakdown allows me to do a few things that ultimately kept me: keep tidy workspaces in Asana, and It allows for tidy detailed invoices, with incredibly detailed reports available if needed.

      • Will see how it goes. As said, new Everhour for Asana will not replace the existing version. It will be a separate code base and we will suggest our users to migrate.

        As soon as we collect enough feedback, we will make a decision

  • Vincent Pelletier


    what are your plans concerning Podio integration?

    • Hello Vincent,

      We are going to deprecate Podio support soon. I’ll post an article about it.

      There basically 2 reasons:

      1) Podio has quite specific structure compare to other tools like Basecamp, Trello, Asana. Which is hard to follow and embed to.

      2) In the past 6 months, we have very poor traffic from Podio, thus we decided to focus on other tools. Receive tons of feedback/ideas daily and only dozen of us. Have to be very careful with priorities.

      And of course we don’t want to sell a poor integration.

      As the first step, we have already unlisted Everhour from Podio marketing pages. Next, will remove “Podio Connect” button from the entire app.

      Sorry to disappoint you.

      • Vincent Pelletier

        Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

        Just discovered everhour via the asana integration page (not a client of asana but i check their site here and then).

        I like what i saw (quickly) on your site and the path you go for the new version. Too bad it will not include Podio 😉

        As of today, i use Toggl and Todoist, but i am considering Podio to manage my projects, todos and other data and processes, with Trello as a simpler contender.

        As i also want to drop Toggl, i have yet to find a replacement (a simple in-house solution — Google Spreadsheet, something built within Podio or another tool).

        If i finally decide to work with Trello (or asana), i’ll check everhour again 🙂

        That said, good luck with your next version!

  • Oliver Alex

    that’s a very good idea. I was looking to add time estimates in Asana in order to make Gannt cherts or produce a similar back planning. Will this be possible with your addon?

    • With Everhour addon you can set estimates and see the remaining time, but from the reporting perspective, we don’t yet have plans to add Gantt charts

  • Ardo Aednik

    Hi! What about Pivotal integration?

    • Hello Ardo,

      Pivotal was our last priority due to the fact that there is a way to estimate stories in points. And as the result you can see hours spent versus points.

      At the moment we are working on Safari/FF extensions. Probably will switch to it after.

      • Ardo Aednik

        Thank you for quick response!

        Actually, the question was about the long term plan. Will you support the pivotal tracker in the new platform (only asana, basecamp, github and trello were mentioned)?

      • Sure, we will. No question! 🙂

  • Sasha Shevelev

    Hi Mike, the biggest issue for us is that you still cant add comments unless you go to Everhour. This could be fixed even now in the plugin and would make our lives so much easier.

  • Dan

    The new “Estimates & remaining time” option it’s AWESOME. This solves a major need that we were really missing in Asana. Thanks a lot! 😀

    • No prob. And we are going to further improve Everhour to Asana integration. Lots of cool ideas! 🙂

  • Hostia

    I’ve been using Everhour for a few months and really like it, but this: “All time tracking will happen only inside 3d party tools handled by our browser extension and only per task” will kill it for me. The Asana integration is good, but only ~75% of my workload is Asana-logged, and within the company as a whole, this drops right down. The point of comprehensive time tracking is that it’s comprehensive!

    • Everhour for Asana will be a completely separate codebase. It wont affect your current usage. We decided to start this way and see who switch and who stay

  • Jeremy James

    Hi guys. Great job on the Asana Integration. Can we generate estimated values in reports?

    • Whoops, overlooked your message 🙂 Yes, you can see estimates under Report by Task.