Progress Update (May)

Mike Kulakov, May 3, 2015
progress update (may)

Hi everybody,

Sorry friends for keeping you in the dark for so long. We’ve even started getting emails like “Are you guys still alive?”. We are! 🙂 Just super busy with ongoing work.

There are 2 major things we’d like to share with you today. The first is about our latest progress and the second is about our long-term plans.

So, what exactly have we done recently?

We were working hard on our browser extension. Asana users may have already noticed changes. Probably next week the same thing will be released for Trello and Basecamp, and one or two weeks later –  Github and Pivotal.

1. Estimates & the remaining time

progress update (may)

From now on, every task could have an estimate. The remaining time is calculated automatically by the formula: “Estimate – Time Reported”. If reported time >  estimate, show overdue message.

You can manually update/override the Remaining field anytime. This way you can see the original estimate, reported time, and actual time left for completion.

Example. Lets say the Original estimate was 2h, Reported time – 3h 20m => Overdue = 1h 20m. But it says nothing about the actual remaining time. Fix that by updating the auto-calculated value:

progress update (may)

Estimate value will also be listed in Report by Task.

progress update (may)

2. Report time manually

You could have forgotten to report time yesterday or have started working on something earlier today and forgotten to start the timer. Now, you can manually report this time directly from Asana, without even visiting the Everhour website.

progress update (may)

3. Time distribution

Click the “Reported time” label and in the pop-over, you’ll see who was working on the task and the amount of time he reported.

progress update (may)

Now briefly about our long-term plans

We’ve decided to release the all-new Everhour later this year. No panic, please 🙂 It will be a completely separate code base and won’t affect you guys unless you agree to migrate.

We will gradually release new Everhour for best-in-class Asana, Basecamp, and Trello time tracking. Priorities are based on our user base and partnership agreements.

We want Everhour to provide the best, almost native time tracking experience for people who already use such great tools as Asana, Trello, Github, and Basecamp. And we spent a huge amount of time working on usability.

It also means that we will deprecate many customary features such as single-line time input, calendar, etc. All time tracking will happen only inside 3d party tools handled by our browser extension and only per task. Going forward, we will have an API and ask our partners to integrate with us on the web and mobile.

So, our key goals are:

  • Fully automated sync. No need to create the same projects, and invite the same members on the Everhour side. The entire structure will be defined by integration;
  • No more @mentions;
  • Super easy signup for new teammates. Literally in 2 clicks;
  • Simplified and, at the same time, more integration-narrowed reports;
  • Summary reports by project/member;
  • Improved invoicing & money analysis;
  • Admin feature to manage/edit employees’ time;
  • and more…

The first sneak peek previews are below:

progress update (may)

progress update (may)

progress update (may)

progress update (may)


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