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Everhour Basecamp 3 Integration

December 16, 2015

I bet everyone already heard of all-new version of Basecamp called “v3”. If not – check out the following blog post where Jason Fried explains everything in great details.

At the same time, it was a new challenge for us because we had to change the entire “embed” mechanism to follow the new interface and principles. And today we are happy to showcase the result.

Inline timer

Same as before, everywhere in the app, you can start timer clicking the tiny icon next to the to-do title. Right there you can find the elapsed time, original estimate and remaining time accordingly.

everhour basecamp 3 integration

Task details

If you go to the task details, you’ll have all the same functionality, by in a slightly different representation (more conveniently) .

everhour basecamp 3 integration

At the top, you’ll notice “Add time” button. Very useful if you have forgotten to report time yesterday or have started working on something earlier today and forgot to start timer.

everhour basecamp 3 integration

Edit details

In order to set or update an estimate you either go to edit page or use inline form.

everhour basecamp 3 integration
everhour basecamp 3 integration

That’s it! In case we missed something and if you feel like you have reasonable and realistic ideas on mind, go ahead and tell us. We are always happy to make the product better 🙂

Time tracking in Basecamp
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