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Extension Update v1.3.20

January 30, 2017

We have released a new version of our browser extension – 1.3.20

You can see which version your browser runs on an extension page:

  • Chrome: Settings > More Tools > Extensions > Everhour > Options;
  • Firefox: Settings > Add-ons >Extensions > Everhour > Preferences;
  • Safari: Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Everhour.

Chrome users are lucky not to do anything, as their browser should make an extension update automatically. Firefox and Safari users have to install a new version from our downloads page.

The new version fixes a range of bugs as well as adds some nice features to Asana. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to answer the most frequently asked questions about the extension.

The Problem We Had

If you reated a new Asana project, you did not see the timer in tasks immediately. We had to run a project sync which could take about an hour.

The reason behind that is that Asana rate limits it imposes on us (as well as other 3rd party tools). It is not a problem during registration when we bulk sync all team projects.

Many teams create new projects not so often, besides you could always go to Everhour and make a force sync of new projects on the Integrations page.

extension update v1.3.20

How We Solved It

When you create a new project now and open a task in this project, you will get a notification to sync it first to see a timer.

extension update v1.3.20

Cool hah?

In addition, there are plenty of other notifications we now show you when it is not possible to show a timer.

You are not authorized in your extension, even when it is installed. Please click on its icon in the browser toolbar and enter your profile API token, which you can find here.

extension update v1.3.20

A task does not have a project assigned. We require all tasks belong to a project in order to track time against them.

extension update v1.3.20

We do not synchronize Personal projects workspace in Asana due to privacy reasons. It should be a project in a team workspace or organization.

extension update v1.3.20

Your account is disconnected from Everhour. We allow you to do this in your settings, which leads to timer disappearance.

extension update v1.3.20

Why Is This Only for Asana?

Asana project management tool is in the first place of popularity at this moment. Additionally, it encourages you to create new projects more often than in GitHub or Pivotal.

Nevertheless, we will definitely add these features to the rest of the integrations in our next releases.


Waclaw helps Everhour users to get answers to questions they might have. Being a father of two boys, I know that you need to be patient and thorough in explanation. I like to read books and watch (play occasionally) football games.