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Extension Pop-up 2.0

October 28, 2021

We are thrilled to finally introduce to you the updated version of the Everhour extension pop-up! Now it gives you even more flexibility in tracking your time, so you can use it on its own without having to switch the tabs to the Everhour account or your task management system. Let’s see what’s new in there!

New Time Tab

We’ve updated the Time tab to make it look more like your personal timesheet: all time entries are grouped by weeks with daily and weekly totals. 

At the top of the window, you can search for the necessary tasks in the search bar without having to select its project first as you do on the Time page. Also, you can add time manually per task and start the timer without a task there.

extension pop-up 2.0

Task Time Log

By opening a task on the extension window, you can see all of its time entries in the time log and fix them there.

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Timers Tab

We now duplicate the Timers tab in the extension pop-up for team admins and supervisors.

extension pop-up 2.0

Click here to download the Everhour extension for your browser.

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