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Copy Task Estimates and Budget in Asana Projects

June 26, 2019

We have just added a new feature that will fasten your project management with Asana. Now Everhour allows copying task estimates and budget when duplicating Asana projects to avoid re-typing old stuff and to save your time.

The Feature That Saves Your Day

Just imagine, you undertake daily a number of projects which are really alike. No one wants to make the same work twice, redoing the tasks, copying estimates, and all this stuff.

When you duplicate an Asana project, you can notice Everhour checkboxes on the list of other items. Check the items to copy task estimates and budget (for admins only) and that is it! You saved your day:)

copy task estimates and budget in asana projects

The process of copying may take some time. Please be patient and wait until it finishes. This is very important. As soon as all the data is caught from Asana, you will see the message notifying you that the project was successfully duplicated.

copy task estimates and budget in asana projects


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