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Billable and Non-Billable Time in One Project

July 1, 2018

Today’s update lets you separate total project time into billable and non-billable.

As you know, up until this moment we set the billing status on all project tasks. When you have a billable project, it is easy to issue an invoice and send it to your client. For all non-billable time (meetings, calls, email checks, etc), you had to create separate projects to exclude it from your invoices and budgets.

However, real life is never as easy as it is depicted. We had a lot of questions about what to do if you have a client project, but some of the tasks should be considered as non-billable. Therefore, this time should not appear in invoices or count in a monthly budget, but still belong to general time spent on a client project.

That’s why we added an option to make some tasks non-billable.

How Does It Work?

If an admin opens task details, there is a button at the top allowing to convert time into non-billable.

billable and non-billable time in one project

Those who use Asana with Everhour can make the task non-billable directly in the Asana interface. As a result, Everhour excludes this time from the total project billable amount, invoices and project budgets.

billable and non-billable time in one project

Additionally, you can exclude non-billable time from a budget if it is set as hours. We do this by default with budgets reflected in money, however, you may want to see progress on a budget based on all time. This is why it is an option for time budgets.

billable and non-billable time in one project


As always, we are ready to listen to all suggestions, pieces of feedback and thoughts.

As we have written before, this functionality is available for all integrations through Everhour.  For Asana, you can do it via its interface. We will definitely consider spreading it to other tools when there is a demand for that.


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