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Time off Request for Members

February 3, 2021

Time to roll out one of the most frequently asked features! From now on Everhour team members can create time off requests which team admins will then be able to approve. Let’s take a look at how to set this up.

Enabling the Time off Request Functionality

One of the Everhour team admins needs to go to the Applications page, open the settings of the Time Off app and choose those who will be able to request time off events.

time off request for members

Also, here you can set the Time Off types to payable/ non-payable depending on whether you want to take them into account when calculating:

  • Costs;
  • Gross pay on the payroll dashboard.

By default, all time off types are payable.

time off request for members

Sending a Time off Requests

Now members can send time off requests to their team admins on the Schedule page. To do that, select the day for the time off, the type, and the duration of the time off, and submit the request to one of your team admins for approval.

time off request for members

The requested time off events will be marked as pending on personal and team timesheets.

time off request for members

Approving Time off Requests

Once a time off is requested, team admins will see a pending request in the account and will be able to approve or discard it:

time off request for members

Besides the Schedule page, they can also do it on the Home and Time Off pages.

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