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Invoice Templates

December 7, 2021

Today we are releasing the invoice templates! We had invoice configuration before, but there was a problem that changes were applied to all existing invoices, meaning you couldn’t create invoices in multiple languages or issue quotes/estimates at the same time. Now we fixed that.

  • ✅ create invoices in multiple languages;
  • ✅ create invoices, quotes, and estimates;
  • ✅ choose whether to display “quantity” / “rate” columns;

Creating Templates

To create a template, go to Invoices > Templates:

auto draft

Click the “Add Template” button to create a new template. In the template builder, you can change each of the text labels:

auto draft

Applying a Template

When creating an invoice, you can choose a template to use:

invoice templates
  • You cannot delete all templates, at least 1 required;
  • When deleting a template that was used, you will need to move its invoices to another template;
  • Users on Basic plan can have only 1 template. Users on Team plan can create multiple templates.

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