Enhance Shift Management with Checklists

October 3, 2023

Managing shifts effectively is crucial for any business, and staying organized is key to achieving this goal. To further streamline your shift management process, we are thrilled to introduce a powerful new feature in our Shifts app: Checklists.

Now, you can create customized checklists for each shift, ensuring that important tasks are completed and nothing falls through the cracks.

enhance shift management with checklists

How to Use Checklists

For Admins:

  • Add Tasks: Admins have the flexibility to add as many tasks as needed for each shift.
  • Task Status: Check or uncheck tasks as they are completed during the shift.
  • Task Order: Easily change the order of tasks to match your workflow.
  • Shift Duplication: When copying a shift, tasks will be carried over and appear as unchecked for the new shift.
  • Bulk Shift Copy: If you copy an entire week, all tasks will be duplicated as unchecked.
  • Overview: On the main screen, a small icon and a task completion count (e.g., 1/3) will indicate the progress for each shift.
enhance shift management with checklists

For Users:

  • Task Visibility: Users can quickly see if there are tasks assigned to a shift.
  • Task Completion: Users can mark tasks as completed as they work through their shift.
enhance shift management with checklists

Why Use Checklists

The utility of checklists in shifts cannot be overstated. Depending on your industry and specific needs, here are some scenarios where checklists can make a significant impact:

  1. Opening and Closing Duties: Ensure that all opening and closing procedures are followed meticulously, from equipment setup to workspace cleanliness.
  2. Safety Checks: Regularly inspect safety equipment and document safety protocols and emergency procedures.
  3. Inventory Management: Keep a close eye on inventory levels, restocking items as needed, and recording low-stock items.
  4. Equipment Checks: Verify that all equipment is in working order, and report any malfunctions promptly.
  5. Special Instructions: Include any unique instructions or important notes relevant to the shift.
  6. Closing Procedures: Ensure a secure and organized closing process, from locking up to cash register management.
  7. Training and Development: Utilize checklists for training new employees and ensuring they receive proper onboarding during their shifts.

With our Checklists feature, you can take your shift management to the next level, ensuring nothing is overlooked and that every shift runs smoothly. Try it out today and experience the benefits of enhanced organization and productivity in your workplace.

Mike Kulakov

Mike Kulakov

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