Unlocking Precision in Scheduling: Introducing Insights Widget

September 6, 2023

Scheduling shifts just got smarter with our latest feature “Insights”. This widget is here to help you manage your weekly shift schedule.

unlocking precision in scheduling: introducing forecast widget

“Insights” widget appears on your weekly shift schedule. It comes equipped with two tabs, “Sales” and “Hours,” each packed with valuable insights to empower your scheduling decisions.

The “Sales” Tab: Financial Precision

In the “Sales” tab, you’ll find data to help you align your shifts with your financial goals:

unlocking precision in scheduling: introducing forecast widget
  • Sales Target Input: Set your sales objectives for a day.
  • Labor Target Input: Define your labor budget for the day.
  • Labor Costs: Instantly view the calculated labor costs (rate * hours) per day and the total for the week.
  • Assigned Hours: Observe scheduled hours per day for the entire team and the grand total for the week.

The widget will automatically calculate the difference between projected sales and labor costs, providing you with a clear picture of your financial performance. Additionally, it will indicate if you’re on target with your labor cost objectives.

The “Hours” Tab: Resource Management

The “Hours” tab is offering insights into assigned and worked hours:

unlocking precision in scheduling: introducing forecast widget
  • Assigned Hours: Track the hours you’ve allocated to each day.
  • Worked Hours : Keep an eye on the actual worked hours per day.
  • Weekly Totals: Get an overview of your team’s weekly totals.
Mike Kulakov

Mike Kulakov

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