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Everhour Referral Program

November 29, 2016

UPD: The program is no more active! 

From now on, there is a way to get your Everhour bill down to zero! Today, we’re launching our referral program to say thanks for spreading the word.

Now, each time you invite your friends, coworkers, or anyone to Everhour, you receive and accumulate a discount that will apply to your monthly subscription.

Invite a friend to try Everhour at a 10% discount, and the 10% off their plan fee becomes yours!

How do referrals work?

When you refer a friend to a paid account (via a unique URL), they get 10% off and you also get 10% off from their monthly bill. The bigger your friend’s team is, the higher reward you get. Everybody wins!

Is there a maximum discount?

You can pay up to 100% of your Everhour plan with a discount you receive through referrals.

How long does the discount apply?

You receive your discount for as long as your friend keeps their paid account.


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