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Archiving and Restoring Projects in Everhour

June 15, 2018

We have released a very helpful feature today to let our users archive some of their projects.

Why? You will find this feature super useful when there are many projects a team or you personally no longer work at. They cram your page and search results making it hard to navigate through the list of projects.

In others use cases, an admin may want a team to no longer track time for certain projects as well as forbid editing.

How Does It Work?

First of all, you should make sure that you have the Everhour browser extension version not older than 1.5.15. Older extensions won’t prevent tracking time in your integrated project management tools!

After an admin archives a project in Everhour, a team no longer can track time for it or edit past entries. Admins can still edit time for an archived project for any date but can’t start a timer, just to avoid entries by mistake.

If your team is tracking time inside Asana by means of Everhour embed controls and the project was marked as archived, your regular members will only see the historical records in tasks without the option to add or edit time. Admins could add/edit time on the integration side as well. Just no timer option.

You can still see all archived data in your reports and you can still invoice for all archived projects.

The member can also archive a project, but in this case, the project will become archived only for this member and will not in any way affect the other participants. If an admin does this, the project will become archived for everyone.

How to Archive a Project?

Go to the Projects page. You will see a button among the other bulk action buttons when you select your project.

archiving and restoring projects in everhour

When you personally or your team has at least one archived project, you will see them in a separate tab called “Archived”.

Accessing and Restoring Archives

To view archived projects, go to your Projects page and click on the “Archived” tab. You can also search for an archived project by its name. There is a special label displayed next to its name.

You will see the same “Archive” button among the other bulk actions when you select a project.

archiving and restoring projects in everhour

It is important to mention, that archiving a project in Everhour is not the same as archiving a project inside your external project management tool.

If you archive a project in Asana (meaning through their own archiving functionality), Everhour syncs that change and mark such projects as archived. However, you cannot unarchive this project from Everhour. Instead, you’ll have to unarchive such a project in Asana again and force the sync to apply changes on an Everhour side.

Such projects have a red “Archived” badge, meaning that you can not unarchive this project.


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