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Add Your Hours by Time Intervals

October 21, 2019

The ability to add your hours using time intervals instead of the exact hours is now live and you do not have to calculate your hours manually anymore!

add your hours by time intervals

How Does It Work

The new option will be available on the Time page, Add time popovers and through some Integrations. You need to use a 24-hour format in order to indicate the interval during which you worked.

Time page

When you add your hours on the Time page you can now move a slider to switch your time entry mode to a period entry. Once you indicate your time interval, the preview of the hours summary will show up on the button, so the only thing left to do is to hit the button to report your time.

add your hours by time intervals

Add Time popovers

The slider also shows up in all places where you see Add Time in by clicking on a task title. It shows the hours entry by default but you are free to move the slider and switch to start/end. The hours summary will be indicated next to the popover’s title on the top.

add your hours by time intervals

Asana, Trello

The slider is also available in Asana and Trello (for now) so you will be able to report your time intervals directly in your project management tool. Look: it’s never been easier to report your time, as it’s now!

This is how it looks in Asana after hitting on Add Time.

add your hours by time intervals

And this is what you can see after choosing to Add time in Trello.

add your hours by time intervals


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