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Set a Time Tracking Limit in Everhour per User, Project or Client

March 19, 2018

Heads up, a new improvement to our budget functionality today allowing you to set a limit per user, project, and client.

When Does a Team Need a Time Tracking Limit?

This is extremely instrumental when you have a team of part-time employees. A limit is an effective way to avoid a situation of tracking beyond paid time and subsequent adjustment of time entries.

Another common scenario is when you have a fixed budget agreed with your client and you want to be sure the team tracks no minute over that budget. This is possible to make a limit for one project, several projects separately or for all client projects.

How Does the Limit Look?

Member limits look at a fixed number of hours that recurs daily, weekly or monthly. As a result, if you set 80 hours as a monthly budget in April and a member reaches it on April 20, he/she can no longer add a minute without you changing or removing a budget.

When you wish to set a project/client budget limit, you should first add a budget to it. After this, you will see a checkbox disallow overbudget. This kind of limit may not be tied to any period and start from a specific date. And this is possible to make it as a sum of money.

set a time tracking limit in everhour per user, project or client

How Do Limits Work?

We periodically check whether you have any limit imposed on your team.

For example, an employee starts a timer and exceeds the budget while working. We stop the timer and send an email notification. It says there is a budget limit, showing the task title with the time reported before we stopped it.

When a user tries to add time manually or change it to go over the budget, we display an error explaining why this is not available. Alongside this error comes a notification with time available to add. Thus, if you try to add 4 hours, but there is 1h 30 minutes left to reach a budget, we show this.

set a time tracking limit in everhour per user, project or client

This message shows up on both the Everhour interface and inside your project management tool (for example inside Asana):

set a time tracking limit in everhour per user, project or client

The limit can be imposed on users with all roles. Only team admins can apply these limits. At the same time, it is vital to know that for a project/client budget limit set as a sum of money, we don’t include time of non-billable members.


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