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Make employee management a breeze with our simple and transparent time and attendance software designed to solve your time tracking needs.

Team timesheet dashboard in Everhour

Why time and attendance matter to your company?

Improve decision-making, optimize planning, report accurately, and pay fairly. What other reasons
do you need to start on your time and attendance software journey?

Get your billables right

No matter whether you’re working for a client or are a master of your own (and your employees’) fate, the likelihood is you’ll need to report those billables to someone. With time and attendance software you can monitor just how many billable hours your team clocked in so, you can back up those dollars with some hourly facts.

Pay your employees fairly

Pay fairly, pay transparently. By noting your employees’ worked-hours with time and attendance software, you can be sure that the wages you give are fair to all. Whether your workers are pay-by-the-hour specialists or contracted professionals needing bonuses for extra hours at the office, monitoring time help you pay fairly and clearly.

Build the most efficient team

Knowing the productivity of each and every one of your employees is crucial to your success. Reward overachievers with bonuses and aid your not-as-efficient staff members with tips to boost their skills. Ensure you have the most efficient teams at all times by monitoring time and attendance and building your dream team.

Calculate time-off

Everyone needs a little break now and again, make sure your employees take theirs, it’ll boost their health and performance. But, always ensure you monitor it correctly. Keep an eye on employee leave–sick, holiday, etc.,–so that you won’t be left short-handed at just the wrong moment.

What our users say about us?

Of course, we'll tell you we make the best time and attendance software out there...
but we thought we'd let our users do that instead.

“I am the owner of the company, and I use Everhour for timekeeping of myself and my subcontractors. All team members use the system - from web developers to tech support to project management to design.”

— Jennifer H. (Source: TrustRadius)

We are using Everhour as a core business software, because our business is to sell our time. When you use such software, what you care about the most is speed, flexibility, ability to integrate with all major project management software. And Everhour is exactly that kind of software”

— Ivan M. (Source: G2Crowd)

Everhour’s integration with Asana is wonderful for a remote team. We track all activities in Asana, but before Everhour I often wondered how long it was taking to do a task, now I know exactly. I can see who is working right now and a summary each day”.

— Doug H. (Source: G2Crowd)

“Everhour is being used by my department now, but it’s planned to be used across the whole company. We were having problems tracking the times of every project and Everhour ended up being the best solution to the issue. We’re tracking our tasks involved in every project, in every level (software development, meetings, project management, etc.)”

— Maria Lucia S. (Source: TrustRadius)

“We are a 15 people team working remotely from different cities of Latin America and Europe, and time tracking for each client, project, and task has always been a major issue. We’ve been using Everhour for the past year or so, and it has become an essential tool for our team. It does not only give us the ability to track how much time we have dedicated to a project but also to estimate how much time a particular task will need in order to be completed next time and by who. Easily create and save reports with just a few clicks”

— Daniel Y. (Source: TrustRadius)

“Everhour helps me manage/plan my weekly activities a lot more effectively, since I know how much time I have to work on things each day, and can quickly update estimated times to reallocate tasks as needed.”

— Dan S. (Source: Capterra)

“The most important gain from using Everhour is that we can track our tasks in real-time without having to leave the browser. The Chrome add-on helps us initiate the time for a specific task. If we are already on Asana, a simple click does the job.”

— Dimitris R. (Source: Capterra)

“Everhour has already paid for itself for the year by helping me track time I was missing in client projects. It is easy to use, has friendly customer service people, and the reports make it easy to invoice clients and track projects.”

— Jennifer D. (Source: TrustRadius)