Project management FAQ

(Hours worked by employee 1) + (hours worked by employee 2) + (add hours worked by additional employees…) = total hours worked per week

(total hours worked per week) / 40 (average working week) = FTE

What is the PMO definition?

Let’s start with the fundamentals: what does PMO stand for? The PMO meaning is an abbreviation for the project management office. This is a group of employees tasked with creating the environment for a project to work.

What does PMO mean, really?

What does PMO mean, and what does PMO do? Hmm, I wonder. We know the PMO definition is the project management office. But what is the PMO meaning, really? PMO is an employee or group of staff that sets the best practices for a project and monitors standards to ensure it meets the required targets. This is all the way from planning to execution.

What does the PMO do?

The role of a PMO in an organization is varied. They can perform a number of diverse tasks in any given day from:

  • Setting standards and best practices
  • Allocating project resources
  • Reporting on project financials
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Team motivation
  • And much more

Often the PMO team is seen as the overviewer of a project. So, how does a PMO differ from a project manager? In general, the roles are similar. However, a project manager will generally answer for the success of a particular project. Whereas a PMO answers for that project (and others) within the overall scope of the organization.