Project management FAQ

(Hours worked by employee 1) + (hours worked by employee 2) + (add hours worked by additional employees…) = total hours worked per week

(total hours worked per week) / 40 (average working week) = FTE

What is an assistant project manager?

You might’ve had one on your team, but have you ever questioned what is an assistant project manager? You’re not alone. The role of an assistant project manager varies depending on the organization and project.

What does an assistant project manager do?

They may take on the role of project coordinator, someone who organizes the project’s activities and liaises with the project manager. On the other hand, they may be a project manager assistant, someone who helps the project manager with tasks. Alternatively, depending on the size of your organization, they may find themselves in the role of assistant manager, someone who organizes not only the project but the organization.

However, no matter their presumed role, if you have any questions about a person’s role and responsibilities within your organization, the best solution is to clarify by asking them.