Free Account for Bloggers

Popular bloggers can be just as influential as PR agencies. Reach out to the top notch bloggers and offer them a free account in exchange for a review

What is it about?

When it comes to content marketing, your ultimate goals are to achieve coverage, thus making more and more people get to know about you, sign up and purchase.

Very often startups make big guys like TechCrunch or Mashable their first and prime objective.

A slight percentage succeed. The result may be measly in fact. Being listed there does not mean that you’ll get a lot of targeted leads and customers. Not to say that the above-mentioned resources require serious preparations from your side.

An alternative solution we’d like to suggest is to look for blogs dedicated to your industry field. Even more, ideally you do not spend time on writing texts at all. You simply encourage the efforts and initiative of others.

Why to consider?

As mentioned, some bloggers can be just as influential as PR agencies.

Bloggers are always hungry for a useful and unique content. By offering them a free account and an additional discount to their readers will make them highly motivated.

You save a lot of time on writing and editing texts, on preparing test accounts and making screenshots by yourself. All you need is just to create a reward coupon.

It’s risk-free. You are the one who makes the final decision, whether you like the resource and audience, whether you like the copy etc.

Bloggers are always much faster with a response and easier to negotiate with.

Here’s an article written by one of our customers. Moreover, afterward he was also live on Facebook. In your opinion, how much time did we spend on this campaign? Maybe an hour or even less. And only the video was viewed more than 1,000 times on day 1. Guess not bad at all, huh?


  • Make a list of the most relevant and popular blogs and contact them with an offer;
  • Simultaneously, build a standalone landing page listing all the details and terms like ours and feature this deal on most relevant pages e.g. Pricing, thus providing your prospects to reduce their monthly bill;
  • Prepare a detailed list of requirements in order to facilitate a self-application process;
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