Influence Marketing

Go through YouTube and search for popular channels/influencers in your industry. Offer them a free account or any other attractive deal for shooting a video

What is it about?

Similar to the previous hack, the idea is to make others sweat for your growth. We picked up Youtube, but it can be any other platform.

You specifically target the platform community experts who have influence over potential buyers. Those who are in a position to share a new product (like yours) or communicate with thousands with the click of a button.

As Sergei Gusev, Co-founder @Scentbird, explains in his blog post :

“When we started Scentbird in September 2014, we were looking for a fast and cheap way to grow our subscriber base. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube where a girl with 150,000 followers was talking about her favorite products that she had been using that month. I realized that this is exactly what we need. We have a product; now I just need to reach out to her and offer her our product for free. If she likes it, she could review it in her next video. The resulting review from this girl brought us almost 100 sales in 2 days. The economics were incredible. One month of our subscription costs $14.95, and I got 100 sales. My resulting CPA was $0.14 per customer. It was a game changer for us.”

Speaking about team’s and personal productivity, task- and time management apps, we recommend to pay attention to DottoTech, Francesco D’Alessio (Productivity Apps) or Carl Pullein.

Why to consider?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Many people prefer watching a video to reading a text.

You don’t spend time on generating a high-quality content. Instead, you delegate this to people who are very keen on this.

Your videos will do their job for a very long time. Moreover, you can use this video in your knowledge base, inbound marketing and sales.

Finally, this is cheap.


  • Find channels that shoot videos in your industry;
  • Contact a channel owner. Try to reach out to many experts, be ready that some might even not respond to you at all;
  • Schedule a demo with those who are interested. This could help them learn your product faster, and you could highlight core advantages of your product;
  • Offer them a free account and a personalized discount for their audience;
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