Tools Comparison Pages

Convert people who haven’t yet made up their minds about which company to purchase from. It could be a dedicated landing page or a simple blog post

What is it about?

It highly likely that you operate in the industry with well-known companies which have a large user base and people heard about them. They might search for a related blog post “Competitor 1 vs Competitor 2”.

You can create a page “You vs Competitor 1 vs Competitor 2” to give people a hint which advantages you possess over a big competitor. Many like making a decision by testing two products at one time.

We have done such comparison of our first version vs. Harvest and Toggl. Now, if you google something like “harvest vs toggl”, it will be on the top.

Also, a good read on this is the TheNextWeb piece (mentioning our blog post :)

Why to consider?

A long tail strategy. Users always search and compare by visiting your page. Once created, no interference is expected. We wrote that blog post two years ago, and it still boasts 800-1,000 pageviews/month.

Another benefit is the ability to explain first thing yourself what is your core advantage over competitors.

This post might have a form of a simple landing page, used in Google Ads when searching for your competitor. Here is an example.

A good idea is to provide users a data import, when they decide in your favor to leave a rival. This is something that definitely facilitates such decision.


  • Prepare a list of your competitors;
  • Make an entirely open and frank comparison of your product against theirs. Polish your post/page SEO;
  • Start the engine of your content car by sharing it on the social media, writing guest posts, featured articles, etc.
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