“Powered by” Badges

Embeds and badges are among your best bets for going viral

What is it about?

The trick is to get assistance from your current users with new user generation by showcasing your brand while using it.

Good examples are MailChimp and Typeform. Mailchimp free plan, for instance, requires you to add their logo at the bottom of your email. So, recipients may find out about Mailchimp though businesses who use it to interact with their users.

That works well if you offer a free plan. This is the kind of a price you pay - serve as an advertising agent. Another form of this strategy is an optional referral program. Users post your badge to invite others and get a reward for this (ex., a discount).

Why to consider?

It is very exciting to see new leads coming through existing customers. Not everybody is willing to do a share. Badges and embedded buttons do this automatically.

Embeds can be put everywhere that gets sent to other people or that will be publicly visible is a perfect match for this.

For example: any widget that users add to their site (ex. Intercom), invoicing (in its footer), emails (ex. MailChimp), surveys etc. Really, anything.


  • Think about where to put the badge. Don’t slap your logo and a “Powered By” tagline on any random item that you can get populated on other sites. It needs to make sense;
  • Test various forms of it. An excellent piece on this topic in the following blog post ;
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