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A juicy offer to all who runs a blog or youtube channel and is ready to share his experience of using our product

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We would be happy to grant you an Everhour account for FREE provided that you write an article or shoot a video where you make a review on our product.

It goes without saying that you are the only person in charge to decide whether Everhour is a topic worth sharing in your blog/channel.

What’s the process

Please click the Apply button and fill up the form. We will make a research on your blog/channel to see if you match our criteria.

Next, when your draft review is ready, send it to us for a revision. After you publish what you have written/shot, we send you a promo code to use our product for free.

A word about requirements

You blog/channel must be active, live and boast a number of visitors higher than your circle of closest friends.

Your target audience should have a potential interest in using our product (strange if you run a blog about pets and then all of a sudden jump on speaking about time tracking software).

We should approve the content you created before it goes live. You'll move to the top of our list if you can write on the following topics:

  • Everhour Review & Case Study: My Results with this Software
  • Using Everhour for My Consulting Business
  • A Complete Guide to Increase Team Productivity by using Everhour
  • Why I Chose Everhour Over Harvest
  • Great Time Tracking Software That Will Help You Grow Your Business