Refer people to Everhour and get your monthly bill down to zero…

You can quickly and easily email, tweet, or share an invite to Everhour with your friends and colleagues, or place one of our banners with an embedded link on your webpage. This way you can save up to 100% on your Everhour subscription! Here are all the details.

How do I get started?

First of all you have to create an account. Once you sign up, you’ll be provided with a unique referral code link that can be utilized for endorsing our services and thus reducing the cost of use of the product.

How do I earn the discount?

When a person you referred to Everhour buys a subscription, 10% of their plan fee become your discount!

The larger the team you refer, the bigger your discount is. We accumulate all referrals, so you may cover up to a 100% of your monthly bill.

We keep the discount until your referral has a paid account. When they increase the user number, we make the discount bigger.

Everhour Referral Program

How will I know that someone is using my referral code?

Below your referral code at the Referrals Page you will see all your active, pending and expired referrals.

Every team member can access Referral Program page and participate. This increases the chances of getting a higher discount by sending a link to a larger number of people.

Each member of your team sees a unique link, which brings some gamification into the process. See who bring your team the biggest discount and reward them.

When do I receive my discount?

Every month, before billing you, we will first look at whether you have active referrals. We’ll add up the amount of their latest payments and 10% of the amount received will be your discount.